Top 5 reasons to convert your basement

Basement conversions have never been so popular. Whatever the reason for digging down, Londoners are using the space under their homes to add value and maximise their homes.

If you have a period property with a basement that’s ripe for conversion, you can thank the Victorians and Edwardians for their foresight. With land at a premium like never before, especially in the capital, a good London basement company should help you maximise the space beneath your feet.

But even if you don’t have a ready-made basement, there are some very good reasons for looking into a basement construction for your home.

Add space without altering the footprint

By converting those basement rooms you could add as much as 50% more space to your property without actually altering the footprint. Unlike an extension you won’t lose any garden space, although a well-designed basement construction can add room under the garden, too. 

With Britain so desperate for new homes, building basements is a great way to optimise the available space without using any more land to do so.

Avoid moving

Not only is moving expensive – the average cost of moving in London is currently over £10,000 – but it’s inconvenient. If you have a growing family and you’ve put down roots in a neighbourhood you love, moving can potentially take children away from their schools and parents away from their jobs.

Converting a basement is a great way of staying in a home and an area you love, while adding some incredibly useful living space that can provide everything, from a home office to a teenager’s den. Your London basement company will help you create the most usable space.

Gaining space

There are alternatives to creating a basement room. You could also consider an extension or a loft conversion. But a basement is the only way to create space that remains connected to the other living areas in the house without stealing outdoor space, and can help you gain space where a loft conversion is out of the question owing to restricted head height and the expense of raising the ridge line.

Make the most of your site

The basement is already making a comeback as a feature in houses built on sloping sites. Builders are taking advantage of sloping land on smaller plots to add a semi-basement that’s partially submerged. 

By using a cut and fill technique it’s possible to create substantial extra space with the additional benefit of natural light.

Energy efficiency

Your basement means that your house will have fewer directly exposed walls, helping to retain heat and regulate temperature. This can help your home deliver 10% better thermal efficiency and save on the quantity of insulation materials needed to keep your energy bills down and your house comfortable. 

Noble Structures is an experienced London basement company that can help you get the most out of a basement construction or conversion. Contact us to find out how to get the most out of your basement space.