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5 Common Causes of Basement Leaks and How to Fix Them

Your basement development is a big commitment, and it can add a great deal of value and enjoyment to your home. Done properly, a basement extension can give you extra space for entertaining and hobbies and will contribute significantly to your quality of life. Nevertheless, if your basement is leaking, this can be an expensive headache.

It’s a good idea to be aware of the most prevalent causes of basement leaks, as well as how to treat and even prevent them. Prevention is always better than expensive repairs.

1-Solid foundations

Basement walls are generally surrounded by soil that can be wet, which can present issues in basements. Cracks in the outer walls of your basement are a frequent source of leaks, as any water present in the earth outside can seep in. Furthermore, there can be a build-up of water or hydrostatic pressure outside that can lead to cracking and leakage. It’s important to address any cracks or sources of water as they arise and make sure walls have adequate waterproofing.


Plumbing can also be a cause of leaks in basements, especially if drains are placed incorrectly. It’s important to check that drains can do their job and are not blocked. A detailed examination of the most effective plumbing to service the area is vital when developing or extending a basement.


High humidity can also cause excess moisture to build up in your basement, which may look like leaking. Your basement must be well ventilated, and ideally, ventilation will have been addressed when the basement work was planned. A renovation of the basement can retrofit suitable ventilation to make sure that water build-up does not occur.

4-Sump Pump Effectiveness

A sump pump is a device that collects and drains groundwater that accumulates beneath a building or in a basement. You should double-check that your sump pump is in good operating order and that it is powerful enough to satisfy your basement’s needs. It could be that the sump pump requires maintenance or has worn out and needs replacing.


Cracks around doors and windows can be another vulnerability in your basement that allows water to leak in. Check the source of any water in these places to ensure that there are no issues. Expert maintenance may be required to treat the fundamental cause of the leaks and cracks and prevent them from recurring.

Getting the right basement company in London is the solution

When a basement is built and developed correctly, many leakage issues can be pre-empted and resolved before they even occur. When you engage an experienced basement company in London with a distinguished track record in developing quality basements, the company will thoroughly assess your basement site and what is required to ensure that your basement stays dry and free of leaks. Every basement development or renovation is different and an expert basement company in London will make sure that any source of water build up, condensation, or cracking is investigated and dealt with in the most appropriate way to create a basement that stays dry and cosy.