Basement conversion

Why do basement extensions cost more than loft conversions?

Despite costing more than a loft conversion, basement extensions in London are showing no signs of slowing down. There are a plethora of reasons why a basement extension is more costly than a straightforward loft conversion, but the value it adds to your property cannot be overstated.

For Londoners caught in the property trap, or for any family wanting to change the way it lives, a basement conversion offers usable living space that can function as anything from a children’s playroom to a home office or dream kitchen/diner. In this respect alone, a basement conversion represents better value than a loft conversion that has more limited usability and scope.

Raise the Roof or Dig Down?

A loft conversion may be cheaper than a basement construction; however, if the head height in your loft is less than 2.4m, it may not be suitable for conversion anyway. The advantage of a basement conversion is that you can always add head height to create the spacious feel you require.

There is another payoff when you convert or construct a basement living space: instead of losing valuable storage, you will be creating extra room that you can use for a huge variety of reasons. The only limit is your imagination – and you can’t put a swimming pool in your loft!

Costs To Consider

A basement construction in London is more expensive than a loft conversion because of the additional costs involved in excavations and waterproofing. Additional structural work may also be needed to ensure that both your building and your neighbours’ buildings remain structurally sound.

Some of the costs are similar to those involved in a loft conversion. Getting light into your newly converted spaces is something you will need to consider, as is adding access via a newly installed staircase. This may cause a greater loss of space when converting a loft space.

Of course, some basement conversions are inherently costly. If you are looking to add a swimming pool, home gym or cinema room, the final fit won’t be cheap; however, your naturally soundproofed basement offers so much more scope to create a beautiful living space – more so if you have excavated under the garden and have access to the outdoors.

Adding Value To Your Home

Basement constructions can be disruptive and complex but add value to your home in more ways than one. Financially, you could boost the market value of your property by 20 per cent and you are investing in a lifestyle choice.

A basement construction can double the available square footage of your home and give you the flexibility to work, sleep or play in a way that connects you to the rest of the household.

If you are interested in finding out more, Noble Structures offers a complete service from conception to the final fittings.