Creative storage ideas for your basement

The best storage solutions for home basements.

Has the basement in your home become an unruly mess of boxes and neglected tools? Read on for how to get organised with clever basement storage ideas.

Whether you are choosing to convert your basement or require clever and creative ideas, our guide has you covered.

Open shelving 

Firstly, work out if you want floor standing storage or wall hung shelves for your basement. Floor standing storage is easier to install but wall-hung storage allows for optimum floor space. 

To keep storage off the floor, consider investing in heavy duty shelving. In sturdy plastic, stylish wood or durable metal, these ventilated shelves are strong enough to store all of your unsightly items. For example, for a basement conversion in London you could choose adjustable and easy to assemble open shelving. 

Stylish baskets

Baskets could be the perfect storage solution if you need to store belongings which do not fit neatly into boxes. 

A stylish option for any basement conversion in London, baskets could even be stacked to build complete storage units. Available in a range of materials and different sizes, with or without dividers, baskets are the ultimate customisable storage which you can tailor to your personal taste or your basement’s interior design. 

Ceiling space

If you lack floor space in your basement, there is always the option to utilise your ceiling by installing overhead racks or heavy duty hooks. 

Due to its positioning overhead, ceiling storage is particularly useful for lighter items, and can provide the ideal storage solution for longer, or awkwardly shaped items. 

Surfboards, ladders, spare DIY materials, skis and even the Christmas tree can easily be stored in overhead storage spaces. Consider installing storage with open mesh shelving, which allows you to easily identify where your belongings are.

Fold away work spaces

If you like to occasionally use your basement as a workspace or DIY area, then a fold-down desk could provide the perfect sturdy surface. The advantage is that it folds out of your way when not in use, and does not take up any of your precious floor space. 

The wall space above the fold away desk could also be used to mount shelves, hooks or pegboards in order to store away all the tools or equipment you need while remaining accessible.

Some wall units come ready made with useful, built-in storage which can be used as a study space, or filled with tools and DIY equipment.

Lidded boxes

Basements can become quickly cluttered with storage boxes, where the contents are often a mystery. Try instead using transparent storage boxes with lids, which can be safely and neatly stacked. By using boxes you can also mix and match the sizes and styles based on your requirements.

To find your items even quicker, use labels. Organise your items by grouping them into different containers, and use labels to identify what is in each box. Labels will also help you co-ordinate your space more wisely.