Relocating Kitchens into Basement Conversions

Relocating the kitchen into a converted basement is a great way to increase above-ground living space or to create space for an extra bedroom. There are two very good reasons for building a brand new kitchen in a basement conversion. Firstly, kitchens in basements cause less noise and odour annoyances throughout the rest of the home than our traditional ground-floor ones do. We don’t live in our kitchens, slowly roasting dinner over an open fire like our ancestors did, so why do we still keep all those noisy appliances upstairs?

Secondly, there are fewer planning regulations to worry about compared to using the basement itself for extra bedroom space, so by using it for things like kitchens and bathrooms you can add substantially to the size and market value of your home without grappling with red tape and the extra cost of fire escapes and windows that are often needed near sleeping areas.


Basements don’t have to be reliant on artificial light. Light-wells can be as effective as a window and will reduce your dependence on electric lighting. Kitchens and dining areas are not as private as bedrooms and living rooms, so glass walls and ceilings are a great way to deliver natural light into them.


Basements usually have very good access to the building’s water, gas and electricity supplies, so that is rarely a problem. However, there are some obvious technical issues for basement kitchens and bathrooms: ventilation and fire precautions must be adequate and effective, and you will need appropriate drainage solutions. Basement bars and restaurants have been around for years, so these arrangements are not as difficult or expensive as you might imagine – unless you get them wrong. If you’re considering a basement conversion in London, whether it is to house a kitchen or bathroom or not, it’s essential to use an experienced specialist who will avoid costly mistakes. For example, installing an inadequate damp control sump is a common error – or one that cannot be serviced and consequently invalidates your insurance policies.


A basement conversion in London is an exciting opportunity to design your ideal kitchen, bathroom or sauna. Bear in mind that you need to design it with good access to bring in your choice of appliances – a cooking range, fridge freezer, washer dryer, corner bath or what have you. Commercial appliances used in basement clubs and eateries sometimes contain their own pumps to lift waste water to a convenient height for attachment to drainage outflows, but you can easily install a separate unit for this if it is needed. That means you still have access to the full range of home appliances.

If yours is a family home, we heartily recommend assigning some space for a wine cooler and comfortable seating. Young families love to entertain friends after the children have gone to bed, and a basement dining area offers the perfect place for your guests to become a bit merry without waking up the kids.