Properties that have existing cellars are ideal for converting into usable rooms, which will give you more space and add value to the property. A basement company in London can help you make the most of the area.

Developing Down

When converting a cellar space, it will be likely that you’ll have to go down further in order to give you enough height to make the room practical. You’ll also have to look at damp-proofing it and ensuring that the exterior walls are secure, including any party walls. It’s important to speak with the basement company in London that you use to decide on the best plan for your property.

Before you start doing any work, it’s helpful to decide how you want to use the space. This will depend on your lifestyle and requirements, as well as the size and dimensions of the cellar. Here we’ve put together a few ideas for inspiration.

A Playroom

Older properties don’t always have the right amount of space or the layout for modern family life, but a basement conversion could be just what you need. Using the space for the children means that you can keep all their toys and mess contained in one area, and they can make more noise without causing too much disruption.

A Teenage Den

As children grow up they want to have a space for themselves that is away from younger siblings, and a converted cellar can be perfect for this. You can let them be creative with their decorations to make them feel as if it is their room, and give it a comfortable and welcoming look by adding bean bags and cushions for sitting on.

A Home Gym

Gym memberships can be extremely expensive, and you don’t always have the time to fit in a workout, so why not create your own fitness space in your home? A cellar can easily be converted into somewhere for your exercise equipment or to practise yoga. You’ll need to ensure the room has enough lighting and invest in good-quality flooring, such as laminate, rubber or wood.

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

If you regularly have people visiting you, or you’re considering having a live-in nanny, turning your cellar into an additional bedroom and bathroom could be a useful option. This will create a self-enclosed area and, depending on the space you have available, you could also add in a living room or kitchen. You’ll need to have a window in the basement for this to be used as a bedroom, and it can be an effective way of increasing the value of your home.

A Home Cinema

For a really lavish addition to your home, there is the option of creating a home cinema room in your cellar. As the space is naturally dark and there is a lot of wall space for a projection screen, basements are ideal for this purpose, and you can finish off the room with a nice comfortable sofa.