Create an Extra Space in Your Home with Noble Structures

Space within our homes is at an unprecedented premium but rising house prices and the uncertainty of the property market make it expensive and stressful to move house to get the extra space you need. The solution could be closer to hand than you may think: Noble Structures, the best basement construction company in London can help you greatly extend the space within your current property by converting your existing basement or excavating and constructing a new basement for your property.

Why convert your basement?

You may need extra space in your home for any number of reasons. These range from the practical and every day to luxury projects such as creating a swimming pool or home cinema.

Young children may be growing and need their own space to play, or you may wish to relocate an existing home office area to create an extra bedroom for a teenager. Adult children often move back home for a while to save for a place of their own, putting pressure on the available space.

A basement conversion can even be used to provide a spectacular kitchen and dining space, freeing up the existing space for other purposes.

Home office space has become increasingly desirable with so many more of us working from home. A basement conversion can provide the ideal space for working away from day to day family life, within a secure area to keep business records and materials to hand. A new or converted basement can give you extra space configured to meet your exact needs, designed and finished to meet your tastes.

Noble Structures is a leading basement construction company in London

Noble Structures is ideally placed to help you create the basement conversion of your dreams, whatever your intended use for the new space may be. Our directors have more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, focused mainly on constructing or converting residential and commercial basements. We are able to provide waterproofing solutions for almost all below ground applications.

We have long term relationships with the best suppliers in the industry. This enables us to provide the best service and the highest standard of finish that our customers rightly expect.

You may already have existing cellar or basement space ready for conversion, or we can excavate a new basement structure designed to your specification. Whether you need a conversion or a new basement to be constructed, our comprehensive service covers every element of the project from the initial design to meet your specific vision and requirements, through excavation, waterproofing, construction and installation.

All our basement construction and conversion projects are delivered to the highest possible standards. We aim to provide a quality service to help our customers meet ever-changing needs and challenges, ensuring that you will be able to get the best value and use from your property.

Let us know you requirements, our experts will be all ears to listen to you and get the work done accordingly. Trust us, you will find the best services ever.