Can I Convert My Basement?

There’s a reason basement conversions are so popular. With moving costs sky high, adding flexible living space under your home is a smart move.

A  basement conversion in London is no longer for the mega-rich with their iceberg homes. With the opportunity to increase your floor space by up to 50%, a basement offers the opportunity to create comfortable and flexible living space. 

What Can I Use My Basement For?

Just about anything. Unlike an attic conversion, which is only really convenient for bedrooms or a home office, the uses for a basement conversion are practically endless, from a home cinema to a kitchen diner.Because your basement is buried in the subsoil and is acoustically insulated, basement conversions make great playrooms for toddlers and teenagers.

Is My Property Suitable?

A basement conversion in London makes economic sense if you’re in an area with high land values. Converting a basement is more cost-effective than moving, but not every property is suitable.

If you have a concrete subfloor rather than traditional joists and floorboards, think carefully about the costs involved. Basement contractors always prefer to have access to your property from the outside so that materials and equipment don’t have to be taken through the house. And you must have the consent of any adjoining neighbours if you intend to do any excavation work as part of the conversion.

Will My Basement Be Damp?

There are a number of factors that can affect your basement, including the water table or the presence of poorly draining clay. There are a number of approaches to waterproofing your basement conversion, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Your constructor may advise the construction of a land drain with a pump or the construction of a cavity that allows moisture to drain before being pumped away. If you already have a suite of rooms for conversion, then they may only require tanking to be habitable.

Ventilation is another consideration, and where there’s no possibility of installing a functioning window you may need to consider a mechanical ventilation system to keep the space comfortable.

Bear in mind that if the water table is particularly high or your basement is prone to flooding, a conversion may not be possible.

How Can I Stop It Being Dark?

One solution to the problem of insufficient light in your basement is to drop the garden level and install patio doors. Another clever solution is to create a double-height room where the ground floor level acts as a mezzanine. If these solutions aren’t an option, then be clever with lighting and use daylight bulbs coupled with the highest ceiling height possible.

How Can I Start a Basement Conversion in London?

If you’re converting a basement, there’s simply no room for error. This is a job that should be undertaken by a specialist company like Noble Structures to prevent any long-term problems that could affect you and your neighbours. With the right specialist techniques, your basement conversion will be safe and secure.