5 Affordable Ways to Remodel Your Basement

With London house prices looking as though they will continue to rise for the foreseeable future, people are increasingly looking down to their basements in order to keep their homes fit for their needs. Extra space underground could be used for any number of purposes, so let’s take a look at 5 top tips to help remodel your basement without breaking the bank.

Paint the floor

One of the biggest concerns people have when thinking about remodelling their basement is the presence of damp. With almost the entirety of most basement rooms completely underground, pressure from the surrounding subsoil makes damp an ever-present worry. Anyone who has completed any research into basement renovation will tell you that waterproofing is an area that you cannot afford to ignore. Ensure you get that right by contracting basement companies in London to complete your waterproofing.

Once the waterproofing is complete, limit the need for replacing flooring should anything go wrong by painting the floor and sealing the finish to give your room a great look.

Use curtains to divide your space

As well as being used as a shade on any windows, curtains can also be used to divide the space in your basement without needing to pay for additional structural work to be done. Used carefully, curtains can create a handy hiding place for clutter, or separate a sleeping area from a living space. Similarly, if hung against a wall, curtains can deaden noise and help keep spaces warm.

Contact basement companies in London for help and advice

When it comes to digging or remodelling beneath your house, it can sometimes be cheaper to contact the experts than completing the work yourself. This is especially the case if you are looking to complete any structural work. Consider the damage to your property that you could do if you took a sledgehammer to the wrong wall in your basement! Asking professional basement companies in London to take a look can help you to avoid any costly errors.

Looking to the ceiling

If the ceiling is simply the exposed floor joists of the ground floor of your home, these could be painted for a dramatic finish, creating a talking point in your basement. Another benefit of this is that it creates a touch more headroom in the basement. Alternatively, stapling white sheets to the floor joists, allowing them to drape slightly in between creates a billowing effect, which will help to make for a more relaxing space. Using multi-coloured parachutes or even parasols can also create a fantastic effect.

Only remodel what you need to!

If you are blessed with a large basement space, but only need a small space for your office, sewing room or whatever use you have in mind, you will find that the cost for finishing a small area will be far less than remodelling the entire basement.

If you have your heart set on completing the renovation of your entire basement, this could be completed in phases, remodelling each section of your basement in turn as funds allow, over time resulting in your dream basement.