How a Finished Basement Can Add Value to Your Home?

Whether you are looking to sell your property imminently or you wish to remain in your home for the foreseeable future, one way of ensuring you maximise its value is by ensuring you have a finished basement.

In cities such as London, where space is absolutely at a premium, increasing the usable square footage of your home is a great way to unlock unrealised value in a property. Depending on the footprint of your home, your basement could contain a brand new kitchen or living area, bedroom space, a home office, workout space, a ‘man cave’… the possibilities are endless.

By contacting basement construction companies in London, such as Noble Structures, you are taking the first steps on the journey to maximising the value in your home.

What could I use my basement for?

The acoustic properties of a space surrounded in densely packed subsoil makes basements ideal spaces for a drum kit, or any other loud pursuits that you or your teenage children may wish to engage in. This reduces the need for sound proofing and provides welcome respite for you and indeed your neighbours.

For the same reason basement rooms make an ideal home cinema space, allowing you to really experience the sound of movies in the way they were intended to be heard. You also get the added benefit of natural darkness. No more waiting until it’s dark enough to project a movie with a basement home cinema.

What if I don’t already have a below-ground space?

Some homes already have a cellar, basement or coal storage below ground, making the process of converting and finishing the basement somewhat more straightforward. At this point it becomes a task of potentially extending the basement, waterproofing, finishing and adding electrics, leaving you to decorate your new space.

If there is no existing basement space, all is not lost, but the job is likely to take longer, with careful surveying required before any excavations take place.

Conversion of an existing cellar or below-ground space into a usable and modern basement is not likely to require planning permission, unless its usage is changed significantly or light wells are added which will alter the external appearance of the property.

Creating a new basement is likely to involve major works, which means that it is highly likely that planning permission will be required. Basement construction companies in London are familiar with the planning process, which means that they are best placed to advise you on what is likely to be feasible, as well as what is likely to be approved in the area in which your property is located.

What happens once I contact basement construction companies in London?

The first thing that should happen if you are interested in getting your basement finished is a site visit. On your site visit, expect measurements to be taken as well as your detailed requirements for the basement to be taken.

From there, plans can be drawn up, along with a quote for the renovations, and a proposed timescale of operations. At this point, subject to planning approval, your dream basement can begin to be constructed.