basement conversion in London

Why it makes sense to dig deep with a basement conversion

When you want more space in your home, making a move to a bigger property or extending upwards with a loft conversion or outwards with a conservatory or classic extension can seem the obvious first moves. But digging down with a basement conversion can be a great way to create spaces that add personality, functionality and depth to your home.

Entertainment spaces

Cinema rooms, swimming pools and entertainment space are some of the most popular uses of a basement conversion in London. Why? Because basements can be sound-proofed and then you can turn up the volume for movie nights without letting the noise disturb people enjoying themselves in other parts of the house.

The sound-proofing possibilities of a basement conversion are a good reason to turn your basement space into a kids playroom or to make space for a workout. Gyms and dancefloors are great places to exercise, release tension and have some fun with a space carved out underneath your home. At Noble Structures, our 30-plus years of experience in construction mean we understand how to build functionality into your basement conversion.

We also prioritise design and planning so that we can achieve a new basement space that complements your home. A basement conversion can be done in a way that’s more sympathetic to the style and architecture of your home, giving you generous extra space without distorting the look of your home with additions on the ground floor or resulting in new rooms with limits such as low head height, which can be the case with loft conversions.

Annexing possibilities

Self-contained living space in a basement that can be accessed through its own entrance could give you staff accommodation or a flat for granny or grown-up kids.

Adding what could be considered an extra home within the footing of your existing house can be a significant investment, but it also adds significant value to your property, with an extra storey on a house in London worth upwards of half a million pounds.

When you’re considering building a basement space, you’ll want to ensure the rooms you build can be welcoming spaces that can enable you to do the tasks you want to. Getting natural light into a basement conversion via light-wells and using glass in doors and any walls that open onto a garden is an essential way to make your basement conversion a bright space.

Securing space

Underground garages are a valuable commodity in London properties, with parking space in a basement conversion being a popular addition homeowners are investing in.

Panic rooms or disaster shelters with air and water filtration systems are another option for basement conversions, with the structural protection offered by the earth meaning these can really only be achieved underground.

Noble Structures specialise in basement conversions in London, with design, planning and construction all managed as part of our service. We can help you add a basement space that enhances your home and the way you live, with your personal style at the heart of the unique space we will imagine and deliver for you.