basement conversion London

Why digging down is the new moving up

Once we converted our lofts. Some of us went sideways in the search for space. But Londoners nowadays are digging deep to create amazing living areas.

It started with the so-called iceberg basements with their swimming pools and multi-car garages. But now anyone who wants to go to the gym or enjoy a movie can pop down instead of out. And with a basement adding up to 15% to the value of your property, there is no wonder more homeowners than ever are turning to basement conversion in London to create show-stopping reception rooms, bedrooms, dining kitchens and even playrooms.

Improving not moving

With house prices in the capital still on the rise and the cost of moving averaging out at over £31,000, improving not moving is becoming the name of the game. And whilst a loft conversion can be a savvy choice if you simply want to add extra bedrooms or maybe a home office, the sheer flexibility of a basement conversion makes it the home improvement of choice for savvy Londoners.

Many older properties already have a suite of basement rooms that can, with little disruption, be turned into an open plan space that really opens up the possibilities for your home. Maximise the natural light with cleverly placed light wells or even lowering the level of the garden and you’ll create really useful space with interesting design possibilities. Just be aware that any alterations to head height or the footprint of your basement will involve planning permission.

Down and out

But what if basement conversion in London isn’t right for you because you don’t have a basement? Then you’re looking at a basement construction, which can add a considerable amount of living space – and value – to your home.

Subject to the right planning permissions and the agreement of your neighbours, you can not only dig down to create a basement, but out under the garden to create a stunning reception room or independent studio that can be flooded with natural light without compromising your outdoor space. Obviously this option is more costly, and considerably more disruptive than a straightforward conversion, but it can create undreamed of extra living room for your family.

Is it worthwhile?

But before you obtain planning permission and party wall agreements for your basement conversion in London you need to consider whether any possible disruption will be worthwhile.

For most Londoners the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. In some cases, going into the basement may be the only viable option for an extension of a property’s living space.

However, if you’re aiming only to add value to your home, it’s worth consulting a local estate agent to determine the ceiling price for your area to ensure that your conversion will be financially viable.

Ultimately, the decision to go ahead with a London basement conversion or construction is likely to come down to the need for extra living space and the type of space required. By changing the dynamic of the way you live, you can continue to enjoy your home now and into the future.