Which Basement Floor Plans Best Suit London Homes?

As we all know, London is one of the most crowded cities in northern Europe, so every single square foot of the floorplan of a building is highly coveted. This has led many homeowners to dig down to extend their properties, with basement extensions a highly popular way in which to provide additional space.

The arrangement of your basement space will depend entirely upon how you intend to use it, with different configurations best suited to particular uses. Working with professional basement builders in London can help you to plan and build the perfect basement for you. Your use of walls to create different spaces, or the lack of walls to create an open-plan basement can help the space work effectively for your needs.

Open plan basements for spacious leisure zones

With a largely open floor plan, a new basement can create a seamless flow as well as a feeling of space and light throughout the entire space. Whilst you may not be able to fit any windows to provide any natural light into your basement, an open plan basement can make the best of the light available.

An open-plan basement is great for a social space, such as a home cinema or children’s play area, whilst swimming pools are very popular among those who contact basement builders in London.

Use separate rooms to create private areas

A series of smaller rooms can create a new dimension of your living space within your basement. The creation of rooms in much the same way as your existing floors, you can create a homely environment, producing additional privacy as well as storage. With a multi-room space, you can create a multi-purpose area, with bedrooms, office areas or spaces to exercise.

Work with basement builders in London to plan your space

Upon contracting a basement builder, they will be able to survey your site, providing you with clear guidance as to how big the basement project will be. At this point, the number of walls and rooms within the space can be planned out fully. A smaller basement extension will probably benefit from being a single room, whilst larger spaces have the flexibility to have as many or as few rooms as you would like.

What about a double basement?

A basement floor plan may not solely refer to a single floor. The space constraints in London mean that people need every single square foot of their floor plan to work as effectively as possible. A double floor basement could extend the home substantially, providing many different spaces, without expanding the property’s footprint. Consider including a section of cut out floor on the upper level, creating a double height space, providing additional light whilst creating a dramatic effect throughout.

Taking advice from your basement builders can allow you to ensure your project is able to fulfil your needs, whilst also fitting within the constraints of your site. Whether you are looking for a relatively simple, single room basement extension or a far more elaborate double basement with a range of rooms, all manners of extensions are possible, limited only by your imagination.