Basement conversion is becoming more common in certain parts of the UK as a way to add more space to your home. The basement is a good place to get creative when remodelling your home. Basement conversion can add a library to your home, an entertainment room, a newfamily space or lots of other uses. The list of things that you can do to the added area you get after converting your basement is huge. However, some homes already have a basement. And what if in order to accommodate your plans you need to add more space to your already existing basement area? Here are some tips:

Securing the Right Permissions – Extending the area indicates that you need to take the necessary permissions from the right authorities before beginning the work. Getting the required permissions and following the paperwork is important before you begin work. Failing to secure the right planning permissions before extending your basement can give rise to a lot of complications further down the line.

Land and drainage – When planning to extend the basement area,there may be obstacles that will come your way. You need to take into account the land type on which your home is built. Clarity on the drainage systems will help when digging through the land for construction processes. Knowing about the land type is important so that the construction can take place smoothly.

Costs – Extending an existing basement is still costly. However basements do add singificant value to your property and the larger the basement the larger the increase – certainly in the long term. So it is important to think about the long term price increase that the work will likely incur.

Increasing the space that is there in your basement requires proper planning, so make sure you employ a reputable basement specialist construction firm. Converting basements in London is increasinglycommon and there are a number of specialist firms including ourselves.