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What is a Daylight Basement? A Thorough Guide

The average basement is just that, the floor of a building that is partly or entirely below ground level. However, a daylight basement is different because the ground leading to it, is usually on an incline and the basement has windows and doors that open to the outside world. These windows, singularly or in pairs, are above ground level to allow optimum light to diffuse through into the space that’s been created. This light can be further enhanced by a plethora of energy-efficient LED light choices that are available to illuminate darker areas, making the basement feel even more open and spacious with very low running costs.

Construction advantages

The advantage of basement construction in London is that it enables you to use the space you already have. It is more straightforward from a planning point of view than attempting to extend your property upwards, which can require extensive permissions. It will not overlook neighbours’ gardens or obstruct their view, whereas the list of possible objections to increasing your building’s height has the potential to be very long.

In building downwards, you can choose how many floors you want and exactly what you want in that space as it is not in anyone else’s line of sight. Whilst there may be some construction noise whilst work is being carried out, it is temporary and these additions are becoming more and more commonplace in the London area.

With the current cost of London property, it is often cheaper to extend with a basement construction in London rather than move to a larger property, especially if you factor in stamp duty costs. You may not currently have a basement to convert into a daylight basement but that doesn’t mean that your ideas cannot come to fruition with the right construction specialist.

Uses of a daylight basement

A daylight basement can not only give you an additional fully habitable space that family members could utilise, but it could also become a workspace of your own or a great place to entertain guests. Turn it into an entertainment area, gym space, home theatre or there may even be the possibility of a swimming pool. There is the potential to rent the space out too and the income generated could go towards your mortgage, household running costs or to create an investment nest egg.

Rental advantages of basement construction in London

This bright and airy daylight basement could go a long way to attracting tenants, and the separate entrance would allow both you and them some privacy. With London being a sought after location for work and home alike, the opportunities to generate this extra revenue are clear.

Not only does a daylight basement have the potential to be a great investment for the rental market, but it could also add significant value to the property as a whole when the time comes to sell.

The appeal of this versatile space for both the present and the future of your home, lies not only in its uses but in the potential investment it can add to your asset going forward. A daylight basement construction in London is a blank canvas ready for your imagination and personal touch.