Converting basements is becoming increasingly popular in London as home owners look to create additional space without the need to move and in a city which is becoming more tightly packed.

For some the space represents an opportunity to create something useful and spectacular, but for others they are a cause for concern. There are plenty of myths circulating about the problems with basement conversions, and here we delve into the truth.

Creating Bigger Homes Is Simply Greedy – A view held by some is that it’s not necessary to create such big homes and that they are simply doing it out of greed and the chance to show off. However, as families grow, it’s not always possible to move to a bigger home, and the cost of properties in London means that older children are choosing to stay in the family home for longer. By converting their basement, they are able to remain in the same home, but it gives them a flexible space that works for their requirements.

This Is Just a New Fad – The creation of basement extensions is certainly nothing new, and there have been basement companies in London for many years, with the Victorians well known for making use of the space below ground. In a city where extending outwards can be an issue, digging down opens up a whole host of possibilities. Many London home owners actually own the space underneath the pavement, right up to the middle of the road, which makes it possible to excavate a basement conversion without any planning difficulties.

Converting a Basement Can Damage a Neighbouring Property – When neighbours hear that a property is having its basement converted, they are often worried that this will damage their property in some way. This can be the case if the work is not carried out to the right standards, but by choosing one of the high-quality and professional basement companies in London, your conversion can be completed with minimal difficulties for your neighbours, so everybody is happy with the work. These companies are highly specialised in the sector and understand exactly what work needs to be carried out to create a well-constructed and safe conversion.

Basement Conversions Will Cause Local Water Table Problems – Another issue that is often brought up when basement conversions are mentioned is the effect that it will have on the local water table. They are often worried that installing more basement extensions in an area could lead to local flooding issues in the future. However, the majority of London is built on top of clay, and as this doesn’t absorb any groundwater, it won’t cause any problems to dig into it.

If you’re planning to have your basement converted, it can be a good idea to discuss any concerns with your neighbours before the work starts. This can allay any of their worries and enable you to maintain a good relationship with them throughout the project.