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A basement conversion can add value and much needed space to your home. Here are the main reasons why you may need a basement conversion or consider basement construction in London and some ideas on how it can fit into your lifestyle.

Why consider basement construction in London?

There are multiple reasons for converting the basement in your home. The obvious one is that you will get more space that will be close to the existing living rooms in the house. This appeal to growing families but also to those who have downsized and now finding themselves struggling for space.

In these times of rising property prices and job insecurity, many young people are struggling to buy or rent their own place. This means that they are returning to the family home, which can be far from ideal if there is not much space. Basement conversions can provide separate living accommodation which gives everyone some much needed space and privacy.

Converted basements provide valuable additional storage and free up the other storage spaces in your home. They also add value to your property and, should you decide to sell, they can be the wow factor that secures the quick sale. An additional benefit is that the waterproofing work will provide protection from mould and rot caused by fungus, which can damage all parts of your house.

Inspiration for basement construction in London

The possible uses for a basement conversion are endless and the only limit is your imagination! Traditional uses include kitchens and bedrooms. By relocating the kitchen to the basement, you free up space on the ground floor for additional living space. Services (gas, electricity and water) are often already nearby and so the conversion costs are often less than anticipated. Basement bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular and provide a private space for older relatives, teenage and adult children and guests.

Additional bathrooms and shower rooms are always welcome and add value as well as convenience. For those who like to keep fit, the basement is an ideal location for a home gym. The solid floor will be strong enough to hold heavy gym equipment. This workout area will be accessible enough to encourage you to use it regularly but is separate from the rest of the house.

For those who are self-employed or who want to work from home, a dedicated work space is essential. Basements work very well as self-contained home office spaces that are far enough away from the rest of the living space. For older children and students, the basement can be a useful study area and is a lot better than spreading your books out on the dining table. Basements work well as games rooms for older children to use their games consoles or as playrooms where youngsters can leave their toys just as they like them.

A carefully planned basement construction in London will add value and improve and enhance your home for years to come.