Transform Your Extra Basement Space into a Functional Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen record numbers of people working from home, with many businesses now seeing a definite uptick in employees looking to telecommute on a more regular basis. In addition to the time savings in terms of the commute, many people also cite improved productivity when working from home thanks to the vast reduction in office-based distractions. If you are working from home far more regularly and have a basement which is going unused, get in contact with our experts in basement construction in London in order to begin the process of converting your basement into a fully functional home office.

Converting the space

The existing condition of your underground space will have a huge impact on the work required to convert it into an effective office space. If the basement is already watertight, for example, it will be a far less involved job than if extensive damp proofing is required.

Other elements that you should consider when planning out your new office space include the position and number of power outlets required, how you intend the space to be lit and the provision of adequate internet access for your work needs, including the increased level of video conferencing which is required by modern workers.

What to expect from your qualified experts in basement construction in London?

When working with experts in basement construction in London like Noble Structures, the first job that will be done is a full inspection of the site. A great contractor will lead you through the entire process from initial site visit to completion. From the initial inspection, a detailed plan for the creation of your basement office will be created, including positioning of electrical outlets, lighting and a plan for getting optimal internet coverage into the space.

Every aspect of the design of your space will be shaped by you and your needs. There is no point creating a new home office space unless it is suitable for the purpose you have in mind, so at every stage of the design and implementation you are kept abreast of progress and any decisions which will need to be made.

Keep it watertight

Noble Construction is a member of the British Structural Waterproofing Association, and as such they are well versed in the best techniques to ensure your basement is kept entirely watertight. Due to the immense pressure created from the subsoil which will surround your basement, the slightest imperfection on your damp proof method is likely to eventually become disastrous.

Adding value to your property

It is estimated that an additional habitable space below your home could increase the value of your property by up to around 20%. Whether you are looking to increase the value to tempt potential buyers in the future or you wish to make a long term structural improvement to your home to make your life easier, a basement is a solid investment into your property.

If you want to begin the process of converting your basement into a useable office space, get in touch with the experts at Noble Construction, where your plans can be set into motion.