Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Finishing Your Basement

What It Would Be Used For?

As with any home extension, you should ask yourself, What for you will be using the extra space?. It will determine several factors which include the power supply, the plumbing necessity, and the kind of access required. For example, if you want a basement for additional storage, your requirements might be minimal. Lighting, Damp proofing, some storage facilities, and easy access.

However, if you want to install a fully operational gym in your basement, It will require a different layout. Similarly, if you desire to use your additional space as a home office, you may want to consider incorporating some natural light and air circulation or a small kitchen area.

Many individuals are looking for the best  basement builders in London  to increase their living space for an expanding family. It might include building a playroom in the basement for children or a hang-out den for older children. It might also need some soundproofing, or some additional power points for gadgets and gaming, or even space for a home cinema screen.


Does It Meet All The Safety Regulations?

All work requires to be signed off by a building inspector. One of the most crucial factors during your home basement expansion is the exit and entrance points. After that, properly check that it meets fire regulations. It might mean that you need to fit an additional window or create an outside entrance point as per the layout of your home. But always ask your basement builders in London for guidance.


Can Your Waste System Cope With An Additional Bathroom?

Whatever reason you are using your new basement space, you will probably want to install a toilet or bathroom. It can be convenient when guests come to stay and remove the necessity for running upstairs every time you need the bathroom! However, check that your existing system can cope with the additional pressure. It will put on the plumbing and waste, as finding out it’s overloaded after the work is finished. It is both inconvenient and costly.

Does Your Electricity System Support The Additional Load?

Similarly, does your electrical system cope up with the additional power circuits that are to be installed, or do you need to upgrade the wiring in the existing areas of your home? Finally, You don’t want to be able to use your lovely new space, only to find out it trips all the power in the rest of the house.


Basement Builders in London

Waterproofing your new basement space should be top of the priority list. It can happen only if you live in, or near a flood risk area. Any moisture that can thrive in a basement space can cause damage, as well as create odour. Ensuring you have the correct damp protectors, water barriers and an effective flood defence is well worth the investment.

Expanding your home into the basement is a great way to add extra space and value to your home, especially in London where space is often at a premium. Whatever you plan on using your basement for, make sure it is fit for purpose and safe for all the family to enjoy.