The moment the task of completing your basement ceiling is over, the basement area immediately becomes a beautiful extension of your home. But the common problem that most people face is to not finish off the basement ceiling perfectly and within time. In the normal scenario, the typical basement is a maze of plumbing pipes, wires, structural bracing and ductwork. These materials are important to give your basement the perfect look and structure. But it is necessary to give your basement the perfect look and for that you need to cover these ducts, pipes and wires with materials. These materials give your basement the perfect finished look that helps in making the basement an additional room in your house.

Covering these wires perfectly with the help of finished materials is a task that some of the best London basement companies follow. The challenges faced in such a situation are that in some areas the plumbing pipes and ductwork are uneven making it difficult to have a smooth ceiling surface. In order to ease out the difficulties and challenges let us take a close look at the solutions that are good to give the basement ceiling the bestfinished look.

Covering the Unevenness with Paint – The best and the fastest way of finishing off the final work of completing the basement ceiling is by adding colour and painting the walls. The monochrome ceiling is the best way to cover up all the ductwork and pipes. This is a common technique that is extensively used by some of the popular London basement companies.

Drop Ceiling Installation – The drop ceiling is the best way to cover all the pipes and ductwork. Such a ceiling is basically made of metal grids which hang on the wires attached to all the joists. The lightweight panels slip into the grid that helps in forming a continuous ceiling surface.

Panel and Drywall Installation – In case there are no obstructions hanging just below the joists then make sure to finish your basement ceiling with drywall and paneling. It is important to make your basement ceiling look attractive and that is why you need to choose decorative grooved wall paneling. These decorations add to the visual appeal of the basement.

Working Around the Obstructions – In a basement ceiling, the ductwork and pipes are not all over the place but in certain areas only. So, the best way to work around this is by building soffits in those areas only. It is time to get creative and come up with latest soffit designs that will cover up the place tactfully without looking bad.

Using the Right Fabric – Using fabric is perhaps the simplest and the most cost-effective way of covering the basement ceiling where there are groups of pipes and ductwork. However, the fabric needs to be brightlycoloured and wellco-ordinated with the rest of the walls.

Covering the basement ceilings effectively requires the right amount of skill, expertise and experience. This obviously comes with time and extensive practice something that some of the best London basement companies offer.