Basement construction might seem like a logical plan because it will add more space to your home. However there is a lot of thought and important processes involved that you need to undertake before investing time and money into renovating this area of your house. Most importantly, you need to check whether the space available is appropriate for any kind of renovation and will the result justify the cost.

There are many important factors that demand investigation before beginning any construction work. In most cases, when talking to any basement construction company in London they will guide you to look into these factors. Keeping a close eye on these is important because it will aid the basement construction process. Below we cover some of the most important factors that should not be overlooked.

• Check for Moisture Problems – It is necessary to check whether the area is damp. Excessive moisture is a serious problem that can hinder basement construction work. It is important to fix the moisture issue and then go ahead with the construction.

• Inspectthe Level of Radon in your House – The geographic location of your home plays an important part in determining whether your home has higher or lower levels of radon. Make sure that your house gets checked for the level of radon before the construction work begins near the basement area.

• Check for Heating and Cooling – Basement construction will begin only after inspecting properly whether the place has ductwork for proper cooling and heating. In case, these things are not in place it is important to install an additional supplemental system.

• Inspect Water Leakage Problems– Water leakage problems are an important concern and no construction work can start if there are water leakage issues. So make sure that the problem is treated. Overlooking this issue can further complicate matters and bring in unwanted problems in the future.

• Look Out for Pipes and Ducts Below Ceiling Joists– When planning to extend space near the basement area, it is important to check for pipes and ducts that could intrude the area where the ceiling of the basement will be. Make sure that these are moved elsewhere.

The above-mentioned factors are important and need immediate attention because any sort of basement construction should not take place before these aspects are reviewed.