The Concept

Only you can decide what your vision of the finished project will be, however we can help you to put your thoughts down on paper and produce realistic plans based on your ideas. The concept stage of a basement renovation or build is crucial, because this is the point at which the owner and the construction company have to come to a complete understanding of each other’s requirements. Close co-operation at this stage means that problems are less likely to arise and are more easily resolved at a later date if they do occur.

Your ideas may seem unworkable to you at first, but a good construction company will be able to talk you through your concept and explain how to realise your dreams in bricks and mortar, and also to come up with alternatives where revisions need to be made. Our close relationships with the best suppliers in the industry means we can access the best possible materials and engineering. We have over thirty years’ experience in the industry and we can draw on this to provide you with a seamless service, enabling you to focus on personalising the project with your own signature and style.

The Design

We can work with you to get your plans down onto paper and break down each element into its contstituent parts. We will work closely with you each step of the way to make sure that our plans are consistent with yours. Our highly experienced architectural team will draw up a series of comprehensive plans which detail exactly what measurements and materials will be included, and the different stages of work which will be involved in taking the project to completion.

At this stage we will discuss what demolition works need to be undertaken, the technicalities of making the plans architecturally sound, and the innovative uses of materials which could enhance your project into something not only practical but beautiful and bursting with originality. It is also at the design stage that we can iron out any details regarding engineering works such as waterproofing, drainage and underfloor heating.

Construction Phase

The excitement begins when the construction of your new basement is underway! You may be moving out or living on site for the duration of the process. Either way, we are certifed as considerate construction practitioners and our team will excel at making the experience a positive one. We know how disruptive a build can be to your daily routines and we will work with you to put temporary measures in terms of access and utilities into place if necessary.

he aim of any good construction team is to complete the work quickly but thoroughly, always maintaining excellent customer service and endeavouring to remain flexible and responsive to the needs of the client. Any queries will be swiftly resolved. Whether you are looking to work on a basement in London or elsewhere, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a seamless, innovative and professional service.