If you’re planning to convert your basement this year or you just want to give it a bit of a redesign, we look at some of the latest interior design trends to keep your space looking up to date. Whether you want to create a unique basement conversion or opt for a more natural design theme, we have got all the latest insider knowledge on what’s hot.

A customised layout

When you’re speaking to your basement company in London, they can help you to plan a conversion that is completely unique and which has all the features that you want, such as exposed beams and brick work or a particular style of flooring. Customisation is likely to be one of this year’s biggest trends and this will enable you to create a bespoke space that serves as a feature of the property.

Industrial style

An industrial style design can be made to feel homely if you combine the right materials, and this is an ideal focus for a basement conversion, where brick, concrete and steel will work particularly well. If you want to warm up the space, try adding in some brass or cork features, such as cork walls or brass light fittings. Exposed steel ducting or pipe work can also bring the soft industrial look to a basement.

The outside world

Just because you’re inside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring some of the natural world into your basement design, and tropical climates have provided inspiration for many designers this year. Try incorporating ferns, leaf plants and palm trees into your soft furnishings, upholstery and wallpaper, as well as bringing some greenery into the basement with potted ferns, terrariums or aloe vera, or even a tropical species if there is sufficient light getting in.

Geometric designs

Geometry is expected to have even more of an impact in 2017 than it did last year, and this makes a fantastic design statement for basements. The open plan space is ideal for bold, large scale geometric patterns, featuring unusual shapes, sleek lines and a huge array of colours.

Map your adventures

Another of the big design trends for 2017 is maps, and particularly vintage versions. These are a marvellous way of personalising your basement space and you could even ask a basement company in London to create a whole feature wall, where you could draw a stencilled map or have an interactive design, so that you could detail your adventures across the world. Even if you’re not one for travelling the globe, you could opt for an old map of your childhood town or a transport design.

These interior design trends are a great way of bringing your basement conversion bang up to date and creating a style feature that will make your property stand out from the crowd. Rather than just having a standard conversion, with a bit of creative thinking, you could have a space that is truly unique.