Do Start with a Clear and Detailed Plan

In fact, getting the finish right starts at the drawing board when you’re deciding on the plans for your basement in London. As a specialist basement company, Noble Structures can help you plan the space down to the last square inch and produce designs that make the finishing process much easier. Being clear on how the space will be configured from the start helps you to make informed choices on flooring and lighting.

Don’t Change Your Mind

Once construction has started, it’s extremely costly to change your plans and can unnecessarily delay the build process. Spending time working with us on perfecting your plans will pay dividends in the long run and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Do Make Sure Everything Conforms to Building Regulations

You may not want to install a swimming pool, but it pays to make sure that any changes you’re making won’t have to be redone later. Noble Structures can ensure that your planned basement construction and any specialised requirements conform with building regulations for a hassle-free job.

Don’t Finish Everything in One Go

We all know that neutral colours sell homes, and you can always apply a coat of magnolia before you come to sell, but when your basement construction is finished it’s time to really stamp your authority on the decoration. Achieve the best finish you can in areas for family use, paying attention to colour schemes and lighting and playing up unique features like pillars and cement floors, but leave storage areas for later.

Do Make the Best Use of Lighting

If we can incorporate natural light into your basement, then we’ll endeavour to do so. Otherwise, pay attention to your lighting scheme using recessed spots for an all-over wash and statement pendants as a finishing touch. Creating a false daylight window using a gauzy window treatment and inexpensive fluorescent tubes is another clever trick to introduce more light. Another savvy choice is to play up the contemporary nature of your basement construction and go for heavy industrial lighting, perhaps with a polished concrete floor.

Do Create a Beautiful and Useful Space

Whether you want a library or a craft room, a luxury kitchen or a kids’ playroom, a basement conversion can create a beautiful and useful space. Pay attention to creating a high-end finish with mouldings, lighting and flooring that is designed for the particular challenges of a basement in London. That’s why it’s worth spending time nailing down all the details of the design in the planning stages so you can achieve a highly professional finish.