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Stormy Weather Hits UK and Leads to Property Damage

Britain is not often hit by extreme weather conditions, even if the damp and dreary climate of the country can be source of ire to its inhabitants. Of course, when serious storms do strike, the costs of such calamities become apparent.

Storm Brendan has been carving a path of destruction across certain parts of the UK this week, resulting in damage and disruption for millions of people. Here is a look at what impact it has had and how efforts to cope are progressing.

Travel Chaos

The widespread effects of Storm Brendan have been felt by many travellers in diverse regions, starting with delayed flights into London at Gatwick as well as hold-ups and diversions in the Midlands from Birmingham Airport.

Road closures due to flooding as well as obstructions caused by trees felled by the 80mph winds were commonplace throughout much of the southern half of England as well as in Wales. Meanwhile, rail journeys were delayed or cut off entirely in the South West, once again due to fallen foliage that littered many lines and caused consternation amongst commuters.

Property Damage

When storms like this hit, it is often tricky to account for some of the types of damage that can be done to properties both domestic and commercial.

For example, predicting whether or not a tree is at risk of falling in high winds is challenging and requires professional assessment. Add to that the fact that winds of the speeds seen during Storm Brendan are rare, and many owners are forced to take a gamble.

There are other things that can be done to protect against the effects of storms like this which are more predictable – chiefly the flooding which is becoming more usual during the colder months of the year in the UK.

For residents and commercial premises owners of the capital, taking advantage of the services of a structural waterproofing company in London makes a lot of sense. This is a precautionary measure which can help to deal with the specific problems that are posed by the location of the property in question, the size of the space and the nature of the structure itself.

Waterproofing basements will not only help keep out the usual ground water but can also help defend against unexpected rises in the water table which might be caused by flooding.

As always, it is better to spend money ahead of time and invest in solutions which will protect against damage that might be done by storms and other extreme weather rather than waiting until after the damage is done and then having to pay out for repairs unexpectedly. Planning and preparation will always reduce the costs and the stresses of being struck by a meteorological disaster, no matter where or when it hits home and no matter how widely its effects are felt.