When planning to renovate your home and add more space, an effective way to achieve this can be by extending and/or converting the basement. Basement conversion is an innovative way of adding more living space to your home. Especially in London, additional space is one of the main things that people strive for in their homes.


It is popular to unlock extra space through converting the loft space, however that is not always as appropriate as converting the basement – depending on your specific goals. For example, the cellar can be converted into basement storey that maybe much closer to the main living area of the house (usually the living room) when compared to a loft. Extra bedroom space, which is usually the outcome of a loft conversion, is typically a more private space. However, creating extra space near the living room can be considered more of an extension of the living area. This helps in accommodating more people or having the entire family come together.


Once you have decided to convert your basement there are some important initial considerations:

Planning Permission – Converting an already existing cellar to make more space in your home does not require any sort of additional planning permission. However, if you plan to increase the height of the ceiling to add more volume to the property – or dig a new basement – then that would require prior permission.

Building Regulations – You are planning to extend your home by converting the basement area. This change requires an approval of the Building Regulations since you are changing the existing setup. The Building Regulations follow statutory construction standards to make sure that the construction is safe and energy efficient.

Basement conversion in London is an increasingly common practice. It might be a more appropriate form of extension depending on what your goals for unlocking the extra space are. It is a complex process and the tips above touch on the guidelines that should be followed at the start of the process. Appointing a professional and recognised basement construction firm will help you navigate these steps and your whole project efficiently.