garden basement extension

Need more space? Why you should consider a garden basement extension

Basement extensions that stretch under the garden are easier to construct, allow natural light to flood in, and feel bright and modern while a basement extension under garden cost is highly competitive. Read on to find out why choosing to go under the garden is the smart way to add usable space to your family home.

Love high ceilings? An under garden basement can create the head height you crave. Want plenty of natural light? Then light wells create the sense of spaciousness you love while doubling as a unique garden feature. And by creating different levels in your garden you can add some beautiful landscaping that adds plenty of visual interest.

Improved quality of life

If you need to stay in your neighbourhood for work or schools but can’t afford to move to a larger property, then an under garden basement could be the solution for you. 

Where an attic conversion is limited in use, and an extension or garden room takes up valuable outdoor space, an under garden basement can deliver a huge amount of usable living space for you and your family. Use it for hobbies, a home office or simply to let your family grow.

If quality of life is important to you, then a garden basement extension is definitely the way forward.

Adding value

An under garden basement extension can add significant value to the cost of your home, though exactly how much will depend on a range of factors including your location and the cost value ratio of your intended development.

Work together with your architect, basement construction company and estate agent to ensure that your proposed development adds pounds per square metre. For example, the costs of constructing and tanking a 20 sqm garden basement means it won’t deliver the same added value as a larger extension.

Do your research and make sure that the basement extension under garden cost value ratio works in your favour.

A more viable space

As opposed to a basement conversion directly under the house, there’s almost no limit to what you can achieve with an under garden basement construction. In fact, the only limit will be the permitted development plans in your area, which usually allow for a development of up to 50% of your garden and driveway without planning permission.

Working with an architect and an interior designer will not only create the ideal space but addresses the practicalities. How will the spaces join up? What are the access and exit points? Where will you borrow light from? Think about the way services will connect and how the garden will look once the build is finished – will you take the opportunity to create a lower level that brings the garden directly to your basement?

An under garden basement delivers beautiful and viable space that will enhance your home and deliver functionality you never dreamed of – it might even become your new way of living.