Make a little Extra Income from Your Unused Basement with Noble Structures

For most people, our houses are our biggest tangible assets and if you have any unused areas in your home, it makes sense to maximise and use the space. If you have a basement in your home and is not using it for your everyday living, you may want to consider using it to bring in some extra income. Unlike a loft at the top of the house, which lends itself well to an extra bedroom and extra personal space, a basement at the bottom of the house creates space that is more flexible and more accessible.

If you have been considering converting your basement, now could be the time to do it in order to increase the value of your property and to gain some usable space in your home. The basement construction companies London based and elsewhere in the UK have been busy in recent years helping homeowners to get the most from their unused basement. We outline some of the ways that your basement could be put to work to bring in a little extra income for you.

Long term rental accommodation

It could be worth using your basement space to make enough room to comfortably share your house as opening up your house to a housemate could bring in a significant income. If you have been put off renting out a room before because you don’t want the house to feel too crowded or feel like you’re living on top of each other, a converted basement could be the ideal solution. Because a basement is at the bottom of the house, usually with access near to the main front door and away from your own bedroom area, renting out basement space does not make the house feel as busy or like such an invasion of your own space. With house prices still increasing, there is always a demand for affordable living space and this could provide you with a long term extra secure income. Always seek professional advice to ensure you comply with the appropriate housing regulations and any applicable other legal obligations that would apply to landlords.

Working space

Many homeowners convert basement space to use as a home office. As mentioned previously, because a basement is in an accessible position at the bottom of the house near to entry points in the house, a basement can make an ideal workspace and the perfect location for a business such as a hairdresser, beautician or anyone who has clients to their workspace as they can visit conveniently. Using this space can mean you could save on renting premises for your own business, or you may like to consider renting the space for someone else to use as a workspace.

When considering basement construction companies London is home to the very best

In London basement conversions have become extremely popular, so if you are considering, basement construction companies London is home to some of the most experienced and reputable companies. The right contractor will be able to provide a full end-to-end service for your project so your conversion is tailor-made for your specification.