Costs and timescales

While the actual cost of a loft conversion or a basement construction will vary according to a variety of factors, a loft conversion is generally quicker and less expensive than a basement construction. That’s because the shell is already in place and you may need to do very little in order to create a master bedroom with ensuite, or home office.

A basement construction is both more expensive and more time consuming, although if you have an existing basement that can be converted, the timescale can be relatively swift. However, a reputable basement construction company will always seek to value engineer your project so it’s completed as quickly as possible without compromising the quality and integrity of the work.

How much additional space do you need?

Converting a loft is a sensible and cost effective option if you need to add an ensuite bedroom or an office. Generally the rule is that a loft conversion is more suitable for additional sleeping space than living space. But what if it’s living space that you need? A chill out room for teenage kids or a playroom for toddlers? Or the kitchen/diner you’ve always dreamed of? In that case you need to look at a basement conversion or construction.

Of course, the amount of space you can add through a conversion will be limited by your budget and the space available. For example, a loft conversion may have limited head height and you may not be able to add a dormer window, whereas your basement construction can be as deep as you like and could even extend under the garden.

What functionality does your family need?

This is where having a basement in London becomes the ideal way to extend your property. Not only can you add an additional guest bedroom, but the extra functionality you can bring to your property is only limited by your imagination. Add luxury with a sauna or home cinema or practicality with a range of functional rooms that suit all the family. And because you can extend under the garden, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to create light wells and add a separate entrance, giving the basement additional functionality as an annexe.

Adding value

Converting a basement in London or adding an attic bedroom can both increase the value of your home. However, with an estimated 70% return on your investment, a high quality basement construction can be one of the smartest additions to your home. A loft conversion will also add value, but misses out on the sheer functionality of a well done basement construction.

If you believe that converting the basement of your London home is the savvy choice, get in touch with our knowledgeable team and we can talk through the integrated services we offer, from design and development to the final fit out. If you want to maximise the space and value of your London home, opt for basement construction.