Is a basement home office the smart choice for you

More people than ever are choosing to become self-employed and work from home – over 1.5 million at the last count. For some, it’s the ideal way to work flexibly around home life, but for others, it’s all too easy to lose focus. That’s why creating a dedicated home office may be the difference between success and failure.

In the south-east, 1 in 16 professionals now spend some or all of their time working from home and flexible work arrangements are becoming the norm for many businesses. If you’re setting up your own business or are simply making the most of flexible working arrangements offered by your employer, then a space to call your own could be critical.

Loft office vs basement office

You’ll have two options when it comes to creating a dedicated office. You can either go up into the loft or down into the basement. Both options have their benefits – a loft conversion is likely to fall within permitted development rights unless you want to add a dormer window and can be done without any great disruption. However, loft conversions can get very hot in summer making it difficult to focus and you are disconnected from the rest of the living space in the home.

A basement conversion can also fall within permitted development rights if you don’t extend beyond the footprint of your cellar. Properly tanked and with attention to lighting and decor, a basement office can be cool and airy while still remaining connected to your main living areas. It’s a matter of personal preference but the general trend is towards loft conversions for bedrooms and basement conversions for extra living space including that home office.

How big will my office be?

To get the clearest idea of the work necessary to optimise your basement as a home office space, you need to talk to a London basement company with extensive experience in basement conversions and construction. They’ll be able to advise you on every aspect of the process from planning permission to designing and visualising the eventual space.

Consider the commercial benefits

If you’re serious about creating a professional office space in your basement, then you need to think about the cost/benefit analysis of undertaking the work. Is the space you’ll gain worth the investment? If you need to create more space with a basement extension what are the commercial benefits to your business? Should you start by converting an existing basement with a long-term view to scaling the space as your business expands? Whatever your choice, your London basement company will be able to talk you through costs and your options – but whatever your choice, you will add value to your property by adding extra living space.

Energy efficiency

While creating a professional home office will slash your overheads, it can also help you green your company. Ask your London basement company about the best insulation and heating options to minimise the environmental impact of your home office.