The decision toconstructa basement is a big one. However, deciding upon having a basement comes with its fair share of interelated factors and decisions that need to be taken.

Key issues and concerns

One of the biggest concerns for most people is getting the right funding because renovating your basement requires investment.Once the financial issues are taken care of, you need to check whether your existing basement (if you have one) is ready for any kind of construction work. For instance, checking the height of the ceiling and whether there is any water leakage etc.

Basement Construction Plans

Another important factor to consider is the basement’s layout. If you are planning to add a new basement to your existing house, then the entire construction process will be time consuming and the construction will be based on the existing plan of the house. However, the right support from the top levels of the house is a must for the basement to get a distinct shape.

Basement Construction should be Done First

If you are building a new house with a basement you should ensure that the construction plans begin with the basement and this should be followed by constructing the upper levels of the house. This is the ideal construction protocol that should be followed when you are planning to build a home along with a basement.

Expect the unexpected

Having a basement which is a further extension of your home is always an attraction that everybody wants to have, but always remember a few important things. Basement construction is a very tedious process and there can be issues that are identified during the process that can cause delays to the original time scale. It is important to have an experienced team managing the process to ensure that such issues are resolved properly and in a timely manner.

Basement construction in London is quite a common practice and it is important to remember that it might require a lot of effort, money, proper decisions and living in an ‘under construction’ home. But the effort is worth it!