How to Turn Your Basement into a Spacious Living Space?

Let’s be honest. There is something deeply glamorous about a basement conversion (pun intended). Every household, particularly at the moment, would appreciate extra space and versatility from their home. No longer relegated to the super rich, basements are a brilliant way of increasing the value of your property, the living area of your home and your income options if you are savvy about how you do it. Basement construction companies in London offer expert advice, inventive solutions and deliver incredible results.

Basement construction companies in London offer expert advice

Spectacular interior design results begin with astute construction and solid planning. Water-tight planning, it turns out. A crucial element of your basement’s successful conversion is respecting the importance of waterproofing. Extraordinary pressure is exerted on basement walls from the surrounding water table (subterranean area soaked with ground water). Added to that you have a lack of sunlight and increased humidity to consider. The lesson is this: do not cut corners with waterproofing. Hire experts.

Another urban myth to mention before we turn our attention to décor, is the notion that unless you have a cellar to convert, or if you have a shallow foundation, a basement conversion isn’t possible. Before you turn down the opportunity to add 10-15% value to your property (as projected by Savills), you still have plenty of alternatives to consider. Experts have savvy solutions for every construction quandary, and will also guide you towards making the most of your space.

Clever construction compromises mean you can have the purpose driven space you want now, while allowing for the future. For example, if you have your heart set on a family games room, perhaps consider putting in a toilet, shower and a glass stud wall partition. This doesn’t impede your family’s enjoyment of the space, but it does put in the framework for a separate dwelling (and potential extra income) later on.

Lighting solutions from basement construction companies in London

In addition to being construction experts, your basement conversion gurus work with talented interior design experts and will show you samples of their recent work. A swathe of window designs cater for every basement including Velux windows, picture windows, sun tunnels, skylights and lightwell to name but a few. Added to that, lighting designers have ingenious solutions for every nook, cranny and basement shape, ensuring your man cave or home office or games room is perfectly lit.

Another way to infuse your living space with light is neutral toned decor. Whether you choose carpets or floorboards and sumptuous rugs, if you lean towards neutral and natural you can’t go wrong. Not only will you saturate your living area with more light you will also have an increased sense of space.

As you can see, with expert support and guidance you can add value and space to your home. Start with the experts at basement construction companies in London, who work on these projects continuously, discover what your options are and allow them to guide you towards a spectacular spacious living area you and your family will enjoy for years to come.