How to Plan a Basement Remodelling Project

If your basement currently serves as storage for discarded furniture and Christmas decorations, you could be neglecting the potential to add living space to your home.

A basement remodelling project could transform your current space into a kid’s playroom, guest suite, home cinema, entertainment area or even a rentable living space.

With the help of basement contractors in London, you can explore a wide range of possibilities to suit your needs and finish your basement to the highest standards. 

Here is our guide on how to plan a basement remodelling project.

  1. Evaluate Your Space

Ensure that you consider all the potential obstacles which could affect your basement remodelling plans, such as ventilation issues, excessive moisture or low ceilings.

Determine if the basement must be waterproofed professionally before you spend any money on renovation, as neglecting to address any moisture issue can lead to expensive damage repair bills.

  1. Determine the Use

Discuss with your family how your new remodelled basement could best benefit your needs.

For example, do you have older children that would like some additional living space to entertain friends? Or would an additional bathroom or kitchen space most benefit your home and family? Or would a guest bedroom and bathroom for visiting relatives be the most useful for you and your family?

Ensure that you also check the legal requirements and planning permissions which are applicable to the area and the home in which you live, which may also limit the purpose that you can use your basement. 

  1. Set Your Budget

List all your wants and needs, and ensure that you are aware of the total cost of your basement remodelling project, which significantly depends on the details and features you choose.

For example, installing a bathroom in your basement could add to the total cost of your project significantly. This is due to the complex process of adding plumbing below ground.

4. Interview Contractors

Although you may be tempted to save money on your remodelling project by managing the plans and work yourself, it is best to hire professionals. 

Ensure you thoroughly check licencing and affiliations, as well as searching for reviews or any referrals from friends and neighbours before interviewing potential contractors.

This will help determine your shortlist before you make your final selection of contractor, and it means you will avoid hiring a bad basement contractor. Contractors, such as basement contractors in London who specialise in basement remodelling will be better equipped to manage and complete your project.

  1. Understand the Scope of Your Project

Although the basement is located out of sight, if your basement does not have a walk-out space, you should anticipate that workers will be constantly walking in and out of your home.

Materials will also need to be carried through your home, so enough space must be provided in order for the project to be accomplished. You should be aware that the project could also take between four and six weeks to be completed.