How to create a peaceful oasis in your home?

If you have a man cave or yoga studio in your own home, you’re not alone. More and more of us are carving out a peaceful retreat from the world inside our own homes. That means creating purpose built spaces in which to relax and indulge our hobbies whether that’s creating music, writing that novel or lounging in our own home cinema.

Whether you want to incorporate a greater sense of well-being into your life or simply have somewhere to get away from the kids, a peaceful oasis can be created in all kinds of spaces.

What’s your oasis?

For some people it’s the garden shed, whilst others set up their retreat in a spare room. But have you considered all the spaces in your home that could be converted or repurposed into that perfect bolthole?

A garage might offer space for your retreat, but you’ll also lose out on useful storage space. A loft conversion is relatively straightforward, but the space you gain can sometimes seem divorced from the rest of the home. 

If you have a pre-existing suite of basement rooms that are ripe for conversion, a basement construction in London is a savvy choice. Your chill-out space still connects with the rest of the home yet offers a previously unexplored space that also adds valuable extra living space in the future.

Even if you don’t have a functional basement, you may still be able to construct one. And with the possibility of extending under the garden you can create a room with some real wow factor and plenty of natural light that’s soothing, peaceful and adds value to your home.

What’s your relaxation style?

If you love the idea of a home spa, a spa bath and sauna will create the right sense of well-being and oasis for you. On the other hand you may find out that the focus you achieve during a good workout is the key to ultimate relaxation, so think about creating a home gym in your basement conversion. You don’t have to create a mega basement to have a pool, with the new generation of swim spas that let you relax and swim against an artificial current.

If you’d prefer a peaceful and uncluttered environment in which to practise yoga or meditate, think about incorporating as much natural light as possible and decorating in calm and neutral colours.

A basement construction in London can also be used to create a hobby room, art studio or home cinema. Focusing on the way you prefer to relax can help you to determine the best way to use your new retreat.

Being at peace

Of course, creating a peaceful oasis doesn’t have to stop in one dedicated space. Try decluttering your home and switching to a peaceful and neutral colour scheme throughout to contribute to a generally peaceful vibe.