basement contractor London

How to choose the right basement contractor

To kickstart the process, you will need to compare quotes from at least three contractors. Ask friends, family and colleagues who have had similar work completed for recommendations and take a look at the finished project. Contact companies to ask for examples of their work and references – the more open and professional a company when discussing previous projects, the better.

Experience and expertise

Whether you are looking at converting existing basement rooms or retrofitting a basement under your property, you need a contractor that specialises in the type of work you want to be undertaken. Before you approach basement contractors in London, have a clear design-led plan for the conversion or construction you require so that you can ask the relevant questions regarding planning and building regulations.

Plan of works

Before you start on a project, your contractor should be able to deliver a detailed plan of the proposed works, including technical drawings, costs, specifications, and start and end dates. By agreeing on a plan of works up front, you won’t be in for any nasty surprises and will be able to keep an informed eye on the progress of the project.

End to end services

In the UK, any basement conversion must be tanked to meet building regulations. You need to find a basement contractor that offers a comprehensive range of services from conceptualisation and design through to the build and waterproofing process. A good contractor will have a range of relationships within the industry to offer the highest quality of materials and finish and ensure that the process of conversion or construction is as seamless as possible.

The right insurance

Hiring basement constructors in London without public liability insurance is a recipe for disaster. All professionals involved in the design and build process should carry professional indemnity insurance, while the contractor should be covered by contract works insurance to ensure that all works are properly completed before the end of the contract.

Gut instinct

Trusting your gut is hardly scientific, but your contractors will be in your home for a number of months while the work is carried out. You should expect them to be courteous and professional at all times and should feel completely comfortable with the idea of them working in your home. If you sense alarm bells ringing, look elsewhere.

Safe pair of hands

The longer your contractor has been in business, the safer you are likely to be in their hands. Companies that fail to offer quality work tend to fail quite quickly. A professional and experienced company will be happy to share with you all aspects of the build and will be responsive to your queries about workmen and work schedules.

A basement conversion or construction should not be undertaken lightly; however, find the right contractor and what can be a stressful undertaking can be considerably less onerous. Look for a company that offers a full end to end service for the best results.