Five Interesting Storage Ideas to Make use of Your Basement Space

If you are lucky enough to have a basement space, you are halfway to creating some really useful storage. Whether you are renovating an existing space or having a basement constructed, knowing how to make the most of the space with clever storage lets you maximise every inch. Work with a specialist basement services company and you will get the best possible use out of what can otherwise be wasted space.

Here is our choice of the five most interesting ways to use your basement to its full advantage and clear the clutter for a streamlined look:

Maximise an awkward nook

If you already have a basement, the chances are that there are some unusual spaces that you can make the most of, with a bit of ingenuity; for example, instead of conventional hinged doors, create a highly functional cupboard space with a sliding or pocket door. Not only will you create useful storage space but also you will add a cool architectural feature.

Build in a media centre

If you are investing in a basement construction, why not create a fully built-in media centre? This is a great way to hide all your audio-visual equipment and all those wires and cables. Your basement services company will know the best placement for maximum storage space.

For a truly seamless storage option, create built-in compartments for your equipment and use the same trick to create nifty storage for toys, games, crafts supplies and much more.

Raise the bar

One of the reasons many of us would love a basement is to create an ideal area to store wine or create a bar for evenings with friends and family. There are plenty of stylish ways to store your extra bottles, from free-standing cabinets to a bespoke wine rack built under the stairs.

You don’t need masses of room to create a home bar; for example, try using ceiling racks for your glasses and repurpose old kitchen cabinets to store your cocktail paraphernalia.

Go vertical

Your walls are literally a blank canvas. Floating shelves and bookcases will provide useful storage but can be a little bland. If you are using your basement for practical projects, try lining the walls with pegboard to create interesting storage for those oddly-shaped items.

If you have a small basement and lots of bulky sports gear, consider vertical storage such as a funky vertical bike rack. This makes a great feature and maximises your floor space into the bargain.

Make every square foot count

If you have space under the stairs, it could be your cute office nook, a clever crafting area or even a compact utility space. Add a pull-down desk or a bespoke built-in laundry folding and organising cabinet.

Hide everything from view with a sliding door or fill the entire area with built-in cupboards and drawers that let you keep a small basement highly organised.

Let Noble basement services help

Do you want to make the most of the space below your feet? We are experts in basement conversion and construction, so contact us today with your storage plans and we will be happy to help you make them a reality.