Essential Elements of a Perfect Basement Bedroom

With space at such a premium in modern homes, the first direction people look at when they need an additional bedroom is upwards. This could be a mistake because a basement conversion is the ideal place to create a cosy and private retreat from the stresses and strains of modern life. Just follow these essential design tips for creating a gorgeous bedroom below ground.

It Has to Be Warm

Insulation is essential for bedroom basements, so talk to a London basement company about your options for keeping the space warm. High-quality insulation will keep the warmth in and the noise out. Bare concrete walls and floors are not going to work well in this situation, so you may want to think about textured wall and floor coverings to give a cosier feel. The choice of space heating is also critical. 

It Needs Visual Space

Visual space and actual space are very different concepts. You can make a small basement bedroom look a lot bigger than it actually is by including some clever design features. Choose different shades of the same colour rather than going for heavy contrasts. A simple colour palette is always best. Vertical stripes or simple chevron patterns work very well. Strategically placed mirrors add metres of visual space and a real sense of style.

The Staircase Must Be Stunning

When clients consult a London basement company about a bedroom basement conversion, it is important that the staircase is not treated as an afterthought. It is so much more than merely a way of accessing the bedroom. It should be integral to the layout of the bedroom and is a way of making a design statement. 

If your basement already has a stairs in place, there will be plenty that you can do to convert it from functional to stylish. If there is no staircase, you have a blank canvas on which to work. The location of the staircase is a key design decision and will be influenced by the layout of the house and basement, the amount of available headroom and whether a secondary means of escape is going to be provided from the basement bedroom.

A Touch of Luxury

It’s important that your bedroom basement does not become the poor relative of the sleeping quarters in your house, even if it is only a guest bedroom. Use the same quality of curtains or blinds and invest in some luxury bed linen. Some throws, blankets and cushions add warmth, character and individuality. Light colours may work best if there is limited natural light.

High-Quality Lighting

Basement rooms tend to rely on artificial lighting more than some other rooms in the house, so this requires some thought. Combine several layers of lighting to create a relaxing mood. Don’t forget that you will need bedside lighting as well as central room lighting. 

So with a careful fusion of planning and creativity it is possible to create a warm and welcoming space to relax and unwind in. Bedrooms in basements are definitely here to stay!