basement conversion

Enjoy the Benefits of Best Basement Living With Noble Structures

When you’ve already converted the loft and you don’t have the space for a conventional extension, what’s the answer to extending your home? You could move, but if you like your existing location then the solution could be to get in touch with some basement contractors in London and look at using the space beneath your feet.

Deeper and Down

Whether you have an existing cellar to convert or you need to build one from scratch under an existing property, Noble Structures can help you free up extra space in your home. Adding a basement to a property can also add to its value when the time comes to sell.

Basements can be used for a number of purposes. Basement kitchens are popular for example and can be a good way of gaining extra space in homes built with small, galley-style kitchens. Alternatively, a basement can be a games room or teenage den, a space in which to work from home, or even an extra bedroom.

If there’s enough space and with some good planning you can even create a self-contained guest flat with en-suite and cooking facilities.

Making the Most of the Space

Basements by their nature can be a challenge to turn into attractive living space. The key is to make careful use of décor and light to enhance the sense of space. This is where you need an expert to help you make the right choices.

You can bring in daylight via features like light pipes, but careful use of artificial light is important too. Adding mirrors and using light coloured finishes on walls and ceilings as well as light floor coverings is also a great way of creating a spacious feel.

Other important factors in a basement conversion are adequate ventilation, and keeping the space dry. Traditional techniques like tanking have given way to cavity membranes where water is drained behind the interior wall. Again an expert like Noble Structures can advise on cavity systems to efficiently drain water and pump it away from a sump. It’s also important to ensure that you get sufficient air movement to keep the space dry and pleasant to use.

An experienced basement contractor will also ensure that any work you do is compliant with local planning regulations as well as fire safety and other considerations like party walls. They can also handle the application process for you, making the experience much easier. Having a contractor that knows your local area is key here as they will be familiar with issues like soil conditions and drainage and be used to dealing with the appropriate authorities in your location.

Whilst there is inevitably disruption in creating a new basement, using an experienced company will ensure that this is kept to a minimum and the work done in the most efficient way.