Consult with Noble Structures to Accommodate a Basement in Your Property

When living in London, you have access to one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with unrivalled sporting, cultural and historical entertainment options as well as some of the finest places to eat and drink. Of course, with London being the centre for many industries in the UK, it can be quite simply the only place to live for many people.

The price of this access to business and entertainment centres is the cost of property as well as the space available to build. Some areas of London are so built up that it is physically impossible to build any more properties and impractical to extend in the same way that you would in other areas of the country.

In these situations, many London homeowners are choosing to extend downwards, looking at utilising the space below their homes by calling in the expert basement builders in London.

Why Contact Basement Builders in London?

If your family has expanded, leaving you in need of extra room in your home but without sufficient space to build an extension on to your property, sometimes the only choice is to extend down.

Similarly, if you are in need of more quiet study or office space due to increased home working or would like additional leisure space for yourselves or your children, a basement can give you this additional square footage.

With private green space at a premium in London, many homeowners would consider extending into the basement before they lost any of their precious garden space.

What If I Don’t Already Have an Excavated Space Under My Home?

As you would expect, it is easier for basement builders in London to create your dream basement space if you already have an excavated space under your home. This could be anything from old coal storage to a fully excavated but dilapidated cellar.

Whilst you are looking at a bigger job if there is no space excavated under your home, our experienced architectural design team can work with you to give you a bespoke solution for your property.

Each job completed by Noble Structures begins with a site visit where our qualified team will inspect the property before coming up with the best solution to your basement construction.

Why Should I Go Underground?

As basements are constructed deep in the subsoil under your property, they become excellent at absorbing noise. This makes them an ideal place to hide away a drum kit. The sounds produced by a beginner cornet player are far less painful if they are barely emanating from the basement.

The additional noise insulation also makes a basement ideal for the installation of a home cinema system, with loud surround sound possible without disturbing other people in the home or your neighbours.

What About Damp?

An aspect of underground rooms that may put some people off is their experience of older dank cellars that they may have seen. Modern building techniques can eliminate these problems in new basements, with waterproofing completed to a high standard, keeping water out of your new extension.

If you have any questions about extending your home below ground, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.