basement design

Clever storage ideas for your new basement

The basement usually ends up as a dumping ground. But what happens if you want to convert it into extra accommodation but still need useful storage space?

What do you do when you need extra living space but you don’t want to miss out on the useful storage that your basement provides? The answer is to be clever with storage, incorporating it effortlessly into the overall basement design so that it’s unobtrusive yet effective.

Match the storage to the purpose

If you’re converting your basement into a children’s playroom, built-in open shelving with baskets to store toys is a smart way to make the most of storage space. Children can simply grab and go with the toys they want that can be cleared afterwards quickly and neatly.

If you’re using your basement as a home office or entertainment area, consider built-in storage cabinets that allow you to hide away untidy cables, paired with some open shelving for books, files, games and DVDs.

Create a utility space

Whatever other uses you have your conversion earmarked for, it makes sense to create a utility area if your home doesn’t possess one. That way you can keep the rest of your space streamlined and uncluttered, while maximising storage in the basement.

Kitchen base and wall cabinets are the ideal choice to create storage around a sink and washing machine. Try and include one full height cupboard for storing ironing boards and brushes and keep the area well organised with a combination of drawers and cupboards to keep clutter out of sight.

Repurpose bookshelves

With a lick of paint and some moulding, you can repurpose old bookcases into show-off shelving that organises your basement clutter and puts beautiful objects on display.

Paint the back of the bookshelves in a standout colour like a deep grey, hot orange or duck egg blue – something that contrasts with the overall palette and draws the eye to the objects you’re displaying. Then finish by joining bookcases with moulding and running a piece along the top for a sleek and sophisticated finish.

Creative with closets

Built in floor to ceiling cupboards really maximise your floor space because you don’t need to find room for bulky free-standing items of furniture. Work with your basement company to incorporate as much storage as possible into the basement design so you create useful spaces that don’t dominate or impact adversely on the available floorplan.

Utilise every inch

Every basement needs a staircase and this can be a golden opportunity to create some useful and hidden storage. If you’re having a staircase built from scratch then think about incorporating lift up treads and built-in cupboards to make the most of every available inch of space. Otherwise, add shelving in the same colour as the walls to create a streamlined and cohesive look.

Being clever, creative and organised with your basement design gives you the advantage of creating living space and great storage. Don’t lose out when you convert, get organised instead.