As house prices rise home owners are increasingly looking to further expand space at their home by converting the basement area. This additional space is always welcome for people who love to have big homes so that the entire family can stay under one roof. Basement conversion might greatly improve your home but there are several factors that need to be addressed and thought about before you hire professionals to do the work. It is crucial to understand the problem areas and come up with solutions so that the challenges can be easily overcome. Here are a few of the key issues:

Lighting Methods – When planning to convert a basement, a primary challenge that almost all houses face is insufficient light. However, if your home has the same issue then one option is to use ‘light pipes’ to filter natural light through into the basement area. Light pipes are devices that need to be installed in the outdoor area. Installing them outdoor gives scope to capture sufficient amount of natural sunlight and transfer this light to the underground area with the help of reflective surfaces.

Heating – An effective heating system is an essential requirement for your basement and getting the right heating system might seem like a challenge for many. In the UK you will likely opt for a gas heating system. You might want to consider a heated floor rather than radiators.

Damp Proofing– Cement acts as the biggest barrier used in order to protect the damp on your roof. So make sure that the basement construction takes place with cement. However, the basements in Victorian houses often need a different treatment. In this case, the basement may need to be lined with specially designed water membrane system.

Make sure you have the right team of reliable professionals who are the best when it comes to basement construction in London. They also have years of industry experience when it comes to handling basement construction work. Experienced professionals will have come across all the potential pitfalls and will have the right solutions in place.