Anyone who is anyone, it seems, is increasing the space in their crowded house by converting their existing basement into much-needed extra space. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, an office for work, somewhere for the kids to play or even a luxury swimming pool, the growing trend for basement conversion in London is giving homeowners across the capital the opportunity to create bigger and better living spaces for their families.

Not only does creating extra space mean more room for a growing family (and less of the sibling squabbling which goes with overcrowded homes), it also adds a considerable amount of value to your most notable asset – your property.

No Basement? No Problem!

While many homes in London already have basements or cellars ready for conversion, this is, of course, not always the case. Some existing cellars may be too small to make conversion practical, or you may want to keep your basement for storage if you lack that vital commodity elsewhere in the house.

But don’t despair – basement expansion or construction from scratch is another option certainly worth considering if you are looking to expand your home.

Basements can be dug beneath your home’s existing footprint, under a specific part of it, or can even be placed under your garden – it’s usually up to you how far and how big your basement will be, as long as it conforms to certain planning regulations.

There is even the option to create more than one level of basement, should you wish to keep your existing cellar and dig underneath it, or if you wish to create a multi-level basement construction to give you bags of added space the whole family can use.

Will I Have to Move Out?

Basements can usually be converted, or dug and constructed under your property while you and your family keep living there, meaning you won’t have the added cost of having to rent a home while work is being carried out.

The latest construction techniques enable the company in charge of digging your new living space to keep both mess and disruption to a minimum, allowing you to continue living in your home while it is being expanded under your feet.

Only Use the Experts

If you are considering any type of basement conversion in London, it is essential you use a well-established and reputable company to carry out the work. If at all possible, use someone who has been recommended to you by a friend, family member or colleague you trust.

Using a firm you can trust means you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the builders will handle every aspect of your basement construction, from helping you design your ideal plans to gaining any necessary planning permission and waterproofing the finished rooms. Work will be carried out to your specific budget, and any problems dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Then it only remains for you to enjoy the fruits of their labour, in your newly-created extra space.