With residential space in London at a premium and house prices continuing to increase at a rapid pace, home owners are turning more and more to extending their current home, rather than opting to move. A basement conversion can be a great way to add space to a property and give it that real wow factor, and it can often be achieved more easily and cheaply than you might imagine.

Better Value for Money

When you look at the cost of building a whole new extension it can be fairly large, even before you’ve even factored in the price of furnishing the space. However, by repurposing a space such as your basement through a London basement company, you will achieve better value and get a much larger area to work with.

A Variety of Uses

The cost of building an extension will increase with each extra square metre you specify, which can result in a smaller space and restrict how you use the new room. Basements, on the other hand, can increase the overall size of your house by as much as a third, providing enough space to use for a number of purposes. You could design a stunning open plan family lounge, kitchen, dining area, give yourself an amazing gaming lounge, have a superb underground study, or even use it as a home cinema – the choice really is entirely up to you.

Great Resale Value

Even if you don’t want to sell your property immediately, it’s always beneficial to keep an eye on the resale value. A basement conversion can add a unique selling point to your property, and buyers would be more likely to buy a property where the basement has been fitted out over one that has a standard extension. Not only will a conversion designed by a London basement company add value, it could also help your property to sell faster.

Better Insulation and Damp Proof

Basement conversions have been seen in the past as temperamental areas, where the risk of damp problems can be fairly high and costly. However, with more advanced construction methods this is no longer a problem, and professional tanking and waterproofing will give you a stunning and damp-free space. Having your basement converted can also provide better overall insulation for your property, as the space retains heat, making it easier to control the temperature effectively.

No Planning Permission

Converting a basement won’t generally require planning permission, as you are not making any alterations to the exterior of the property. However, if you’re building a new basement, adding windows or an entrance to the front, or need to dig up areas of the pavement or road, planning permission will be necessary and all conversions will have to comply with building regulations.

A basement conversion can be a fantastic way of adding space and value to your property, without the need to extend outwards. With some creative thought and help from your builder, you can have an extremely useable and inspiring space.