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5 Home Cinema Ideas for Your Basement

Here are five ideas to turn your basement into a home cinema.

Whether searching for schemes, renovation tips or decorating design, these ideas will help you create the home cinema of your dreams in your basement.

The only activity more enjoyable than viewing the latest blockbuster movie at a cinema is watching a film from the comfort of your own home. Try these design tips to create your perfect home cinema and start enjoying the movie experience. Just add popcorn. 

  1. Use a Dark Colour Scheme

A basement is the ideal location to create the cinematic viewing theatre you have been wishing for. Due to its dark and isolated location, lighting and sound can be easily controlled to reflect the perfect cinema which can be controlled at your fingertips.

Paint your walls in a dark shade to create an environment that rivals the real thing, with colours such as navy, burgundy or grey working well. 

  1. Save Space

If you are concerned that your basement is not large enough to create a home cinema, there are plenty of clever space-saving ideas to try. Consult with basement contractors London companies that can advise you on how to create the perfect home cinema for your basement.

For example, choose built-in seating that can create a compact version of the cinematic experience. Rather than large seating, you could also try a conversation space which creates a private haven. Big enough for even the largest parties, you could create a space with depressed flooring and luxurious carpeting.

  1. Ultra-Plush Cinematic Experience

Once you have decided on the plan for your home cinema, it is important to consult with a company, such as basement contractors London based that specialise in basement design and can help you with your renovation needs.

For an ultra-plush cinema, choose big suede seating and sofas which are not only perfect for romantic nights indoors, but also when hosting a party for friends. Lacquered tables can be added which create the perfect resting spot for drinks and a bowl of popcorn – perfectly reminiscent of the traditional plush movie theatres.

  1. High-Quality Sound

In order to create the best sound experience, a benefit of choosing a home cinema in your basement is that no matter how loud the volume is, you will not disturb your neighbours. Many speakers can be installed to create a surround sound, where carpet helps deter echoes and contain sound.

Ensure your wiring is properly installed by hiring basement contractors London situated, as the installation must be correct for your screen, sound and lighting. Wiring can also be cleverly hidden with discreet tubing, and equipment kept out of sight.

  1. The Best Screen

There are many options for the best screen for your home cinema, whether you choose a large flat screen or a projector for a modern twist, which can also work in a variety of spaces. Space is vital, as well as the technology you want to install, whether games consoles, Blu-Ray player or cable TV.