Basement Conversion Ideas

5 Fantastic Basement Conversion Ideas

A cinema room:

Along with games rooms, home cinemas are becoming popular. It is easy for basement specialists in London to sound-proof a basement, meaning you can turn the sound up as loud as you want without worrying that you’ll bother your neighbours.

Gym or swimming pool:

If you can’t be bothered heading down to the gym every day, then why not build one in your basement? Home gyms and swimming pools complete with saunas and hot tubs are becoming more and more popular according to many basement construction companies in London.

Create an annex:

You could even build your own self-contained flat with separate entrance. The size will depend on the footprint of your property. It could be used as somewhere your grown-up children could live while they save up to buy their own home.


With little parking space available on the streets of London, many property owners have been asking basement contractors in London to convert their downstairs into substantial underground garages.


Many wealthy Londoners are even converting their basements into panic rooms with air and water filtration systems.

Why Should You Consider a Basement Conversion?

They form a more natural extension to a home. Many people opt for loft conversions, but they are limited in terms of space and what you can put in them. A basement looks more natural and is a more versatile space – a swimming pool or home cinema isn’t possible in a loft conversion.

How Much Will It Cost?

A basement conversion can set you back between £4,500 and £6,000 a square metre. Of course, the price will depend on which of the basement construction companies in London you use and what finish you ask for – underground heating etc. While it might sound expensive, it will add value to your property. Every storey you add to a property in London can add more than £200,000 to the asking price. So calling out the professionals from a London basement company will definitely be worth it.

Getting Light into the Basement

There are a number of options available to you. Light can be introduced through a stairwell or lightwell or even via a fire escape. If you’re the owner of a semi-detached property, then you could always install your lightwell along the side of your property.

If none of these are available to you, then you can always try light-mimicking technology, such as that created by Finnish company Light Cognitive. The technology imitates the light from a window, proving ideal for deep basement conversions where natural light is scarce. Ask your nearest London basement company for more details.


Always ensure your insurances are up to date and those of your contractor as well. It’s also wise to check out if you need planning permission before starting. Basement excavation in London requires specialist knowledge, so check all the London basement company reviews before choosing a contractor.