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5 Basement Finishing Mistakes to Avoid

A great basement design is carefully planned from the very beginning, taking in the unique aspects of the site, the planned uses of the basement and essential infrastructures such as damp proofing and insulation to ensure the basement stays dry and well ventilated. There are also some errors to avoid when finishing your basement for a top-quality result.

1-Picking the wrong materials for the job

Remember that basements tend to be quite moist environments as they are generally surrounded by soil. For this reason, the use of wood needs to be carefully monitored. It is probably best to avoid general wood studs in the basement walls as they may rot, warp or become mouldy. It’s best to use materials that are specifically designed to withstand the humidity of basement construction.

2-Poor Insulation

Insulation is essential for your basement, but make sure you choose the right type. In general, fibreglass insulation is not recommended for basements as it doesn’t resist moisture. When cold air and moist air mingle in basements, condensation can form, and if you have fibreglass insulation, the outcome might be unappealing and unhealthy mould.

3-Flooring issues

Be careful if you install solid wood flooring in your basement. Again, there may be a moisture issue that could play havoc with your lovely new floor. If your heart is set on wood, then a subfloor may be needed first, with an engineered wood flooring layer on the top. Laminated wood flooring will be more resistant to moisture than solid wood.

4-Moisture factors

Before you even get to floors and insulation, make sure all moisture issues have been dealt with. It is far more efficient in the long run to deal with moisture at the beginning and eliminate it, rather than having to strip work away and go back in to fix cracks or leaks. Make sure the structural design is sound before the building starts.

5-Unplanned use

What kind of space you would like the result to be? Always be clear on your vision for the basement and examine the layout of the space to make sure it flows the way you want it to. Changing your mind or realizing the basement project is not going to deliver the results you want halfway through the project will cause delays and greatly inflate costs.

Experience and track record in basement design

When embarking on a basement design project, one of the best things you can do is to engage a company that has proven experience in creating quality basement projects. Opt for a company that has completed a range of projects and has expertise in the latest technologies and designs. With a skilled basement construction firm, you will be able to relax knowing that any potential issues will be identified and rectified, and you can focus on choosing the design and layout that will bring the basement of your dreams into reality.

The key to a successful basement is planning and selecting a business that does a thorough examination of all elements while understanding how to maximize the existing space is essential to achieving a fantastic result.