Basement Conversion Ideas

5 Basement Conversion Ideas to Add Value and Create Space to Your Home

If you are considering extending your home, using the basement, it can be a daunting task to even know where to begin and how much the project will cost.

Basement conversions provide a more natural and organic extension to property, unlike extensions or loft conversions which can appear false, as well as limiting in space. A basement conversion, however, seems to become part of the home’s original structure, with plenty of space for any hobby, activity or living space, whether a swimming pool or sound-proofed cinema. These possibilities are simply not achievable with a loft conversion.

Here we share five basement conversion ideas which will add value to your home as well as create an abundance of useful space.

1.Build an Annex

Creating a self-contained flat in your home with one or two bedrooms and its own entrance could prove extremely useful for your family.
You could build an annex as big as the footprint of your property, and use it as guest quarters for family or friends or staff accommodation if you hire employees for your home. If you have elderly relatives, this could be an ideal solution to ensure they remain independent or as a flat for when your children grow up and save for their first property or even as a self-contained holiday let.

If you are concerned about a lack of natural light, there is no need to worry. Stairwell or light-wells located at the front, side or via the fire escape at the back of the property can let natural light into the space. A front door and window can also be fitted depending on your property.

2.Create an Entertainment or Cinema Room

Games rooms or cinemas are becoming increasingly popular in basements. The ability to sound-proof basements means the volume can be turned up on music, films or even hold parties without disturbing the neighbours.

3.Work Out in Your Own Swimming Pool or Gym

With Londoners and commuters becoming increasingly time-poor, a basement swimming pool or gym can save hours spent travelling to and from the gym. As fitness becomes ever important in current times, having a gym in your own home is a great convenience. You could even have a sauna or hot tub installed. Contact a London basement company for more ideas.

4.Build a Secure Bunker

To ensure your family is well protected in the worst case scenarios, you could build a shelter or panic room in your basement. With water and air filtration systems, the basement extension could act as a versatile living space as well as a safe space featuring additional structural protection.

5.Create Underground Parking

With parking around London such a problematic issue for many residents, using a basement as an underground garage could create a valuable addition to your city home. Gaining in popularity over the past few years, a double-tier lift garage would allow you to park two cars, with substantial space for storage.