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London basement and cellar conversions show marked increase

31st August 2017

First off, there’s something of a “me too” effect here. People in London who have heard horror stories and therefore been reluctant to undertake a basement conversion, see their neighbour’s cellar conversion before and after the work has been done. The next morning they’re looking for a company which can handle a similar project in their house...... Read More..

Why Going Underground Is More Attractive Than Ever

23rd August 2017

Of course, not every planning application is for the kind of mega-basement that the rich and famous seem to love. In fact, for most people a simple basement conversion is often the quickest, easiest and least disruptive way to add more living space to their home. Loft conversions are most suitable for adding bedrooms, but if you need more space for a growing family to live, eat and study, then the basement is the natural choice...... Read More..

The Benefits of Finishing a Basement in an Investment Property

16th August 2017

An Extra Bedroom

One way of using the extra space is as another bedroom, which can make the property more appealing, especially if you’re targeting the family or house-share markets. There are elements that will have to be included for the conversion to be classed as a bedroom, including ensuring there are enough windows and a fire escape, so check with your contractor about what regulations you need to meet...... Read More..

How much does a basement conversion cost?

10th August 2017

Before you jump into a basement conversion project, it’s important to consider all the cost implications to ensure that you can afford the necessary work and have it finished to the right standards. There are a number of basement contractors in London who can help you to put a design plan together that meets your preferences and budget requirements...... Read More..

What’s involved in basement construction?

4th August 2017

What basement construction method is right for my home?

If you already have a basement under your property, then you could opt for a simple basement conversion. If that won’t give you enough space, then you may need to opt for a basement construction method, plus traditional or modern underpinning techniques to stabilise the construction...... Read More..

Insuring Your London Basement Conversion

31st July 2017

It lacks the excitement of looking at plans or the satisfaction of designing your new living space, but arranging insurance is one of the bread-and-butter jobs you need to have sorted out before signing up with the contractor for your basement conversion...... Read More..

Are You Sure Your Contractor Understands Waterproofing?

24th July 2017

Structural Waterproofing

This is the term that’s used to describe the technical job of assessing waterproofing requirements in a basement conversion and making sure that appropriate measures are taken to make the new living space waterproof...... Read More..

Creating a perfect office space in your basement

18th July 2017

More of us are choosing to work from home and sometimes it can be hard to separate work from home life if your office space is in the main part of the house. Where you have a basement this can make a great dedicated office that you can close away at the end of the day...... Read More..

Creating your dream basement pool and spa

12th July 2017

Balancing a busy lifestyle with finding time for fitness can be difficult, even though we know our health and wellbeing are important. Imagine being able to go down the stairs into your basement in London and have a swim or relax in the hot tub. It’s not an impossible dream, and here’s what you need to know to make it happen...... Read More..

I'd like to extend into the basement, but...

4th July 2017

What about flooding?

Basement works that need excavation are now subject to planning permission, and if your house is in a high risk flood area, you may well have a problem. This is not because of water welling up from below, though. It’s because if the nearest river overflows, then surface water in the streets would flood into the basement. This is more of an issue where a basement dwelling is a self-contained, separate unit, because the occupier can’t just escape upstairs within the house. Therefore, one of the aspects to look at and to design for, is the drainage capability of the new basement...... Read More..

Drainage Is Key to Basement Constructions in London

28th June 2017

The Fleet, the Tyburn, the Lea, the Peck, the Westbourne, the Walbrook and the Effra are probably most well known. Some have intriguing names like the Cock and Pie Ditch, the Ching and the Quaggy, while others are just plain uninviting like Carbuncle Ditch and the Earl’s Sluice, but they’re all still there - somewhere...... Read More..

Why basements are the new extensions

22nd June 2017

Most householders would benefit from more room. Perhaps your family is growing, and you need an extra bedroom for the little one on the way. Maybe your teenager wants to have their own space, or your elderly parent needs looking after now they can’t cope on their own. Perhaps you want a quieter room in which to work from home...... Read More..

Good neighbours use considerate constructors for basement projects

12th June 2017

If you take a look at recent approved planning applications across London, you’ll find that basements are a part of nearly all of them - even when an old building is being demolished, and a new one built in its place, the new one has been designed from scratch to have at least one or more basement levels...... Read More..

Constructing the Perfect London Cellar

1st June 2017

The traditional cellars and caverns used by professional vineyards and distilleries bear little resemblance to many of the dank holes beneath Victorian British houses. Basement construction in London in bygone days had more to do with distancing the home from the space beneath it than embracing it, but today water-proofing and underpinning technologies put almost limitless extra living space within easy reach of property owners....... Read More..

Choosing Between Basement and Loft Conversions

26th May 2017

Basement Conversions

Property owners often choose a basement conversion due to the large amount of additional space they may gain or because they’ve already had a loft conversion and still need more space, but it’s not right for everyone....... Read More..

Making the Most of a Small Cellar

18th May 2017

Properties that have existing cellars are ideal for converting into usable rooms, which will give you more space and add value to the property. A basement company in London can help you make the most of the area...... Read More..

How to Win Acceptance for Your Basement

9th May 2017

If your neighbours' first reaction to your plans for a basement is a vigorous objection, you need to understand where they're coming from. Battling the neighbours is not really how you want to spend your time. So let's look at how to go about answering any possible questions in a reasonable manner with the facts...... Read More..

Creating the Perfect Finish for Your Basement Room

2nd May 2017

Once the work of basement construction in London has finished, it's time to get creative and decorate your new space. Choose the right light and colour palette and you'll create a room you want to spend time in...... Read More..

Understanding What's Fact and Fiction About Basement Conversions

28th April 2017

Undertaking a basement conversion can start up all kinds of problems amongst neighbouring properties, but often the concerns that they have are not even based on fact. Before you start any work, take a look at what the truth is about these points and you'll be in a better position to allay their worries..... Read More..

Keeping The Neighbours Onside The Party Wall Process

14th April 2017

As house prices in London continue to rise and space is ever more at a premium, staying put and converting your basement is becoming a sensible choice for thousands of families. But before you can begin your basement conversion in London, you need to go through the party wall process.... Read More..

How Long Does a Basement Conversion Take to Complete

07th April 2017

Converting your basement can be a disruptive and lengthy process, and you need to be prepared for the work to take a considerable amount of time. It can be hard to give a precise guide as to the actual timeline, but this will give you an idea of what to expect.... Read More..

Myth busting the rise of the 'iceberg basement' in London

31st March 2017

Digging down is a new phenomenon

Not true. Ever since the Victorians started digging coal cellars under their houses, digging down has been an acceptable way of creating extra space. In fact, many period properties in London own the subsoil under the pavement to the middle of the road... Read More..

Adding Value with a Basement Conversion

27th March 2017

Creating a converted basement will give you more flexibility in how you use your home, but it can also add value to a property. It's important to think about how you're going to utilise the extra room and what selling points this could give you if you were to put your home on the market, as this will ensure you include the right features and utilities to make it work... Read More..

How to Avoid an Iceberg Basement Nightmare

21st March 2017

Though William and Kate are unlikely to encounter any problems with planning permission, other celebrities are claiming that basement development work is making their lives a living hell. Dame Joan Collins regularly tweets about the disruption to her exclusive neighbourhood from lorries and drilling equipment, while one media mogul's plans for a pool and gym in his basement were eventually overturned by his celebrity neighbours... Read More..

How to Choose a Basement Construction Company in London

16th March 2017

Some basement conversions and new constructions are straightforward but many are not, and they involve a host of different areas of expertise... Read More..

7 things to consider when planning a basement conversion in London

06th March 2017

Get the right planning permission

You may not need planning permission at all, if you're simply converting an existing basement. A conversion of this type will give you plenty of room, as it reflects the footprint of your property... Read More..

The Advantages of Basement Conversions

28th Feb 2017

As more people discover this and the cost of space rises ever higher, basement conversion in London has expanded ten-fold since 2001. The borough of Kensington and Chelsea, for example, has seen a rise in planning applications from 46 to 450, and is looking into introducing tighter controls - but the economics will remain compelling for years to come, and councils are bound to welcome well-planned projects that help them attain their housing and development targets... Read More..

The rise of the iceberg home - why Londoners are digging down, not going up

23rd Feb 2017

Although these so-called iceberg homes are few and far between, there are now several properties across London with swimming pools, bowling alleys, cinemas and even tennis courts in their capacious basements. In Kensington and Chelsea only 10% of planning applications for basement construction are refused. No longer do the inhabitants pop out to the gym, they simply pop down to the basement... Read More..

The latest design trends for your basement

20th Feb 2017

If you're planning to convert your basement this year or you just want to give it a bit of a redesign, we look at some of the latest interior design trends to keep your space looking up to date. Whether you want to create a unique basement conversion or opt for a more natural design theme, we have got all the latest insider knowledge on what's hot... Read More..

Ways of increasing natural light in basement conversions

16th Feb 2017

One of the issues when planning a basement conversion is how to increase the amount of light, as naturally, they can suffer from being dark spaces where very little natural light is able to get in. However, with careful design and construction, this is an ideal way to gain an extra room that is filled with light and completely useable... Read More..

How to make your basement conversion go smoothly

10th Feb 2017

The first and most important thing to do is to make sure you choose a reputable company to carry out the project.... Read More..

The Beginner's Guide to Converting a Basement

03rd Feb 2017

Everyone seems to want more space these days. Whether you need more rooms for your growing family, require a home office or just want extra leisure space, converting or expanding a basement in London could be the answer... Read More..

Why Should You Opt For a Basement Conversion In London?

20th Jan 2017

Basement conversion is the latest trend in London. With property prices going up and lack of space, more and more homeowners are commissioning basement conversions. Furthermore, utilising the space below your house is a great way to bring about a positive change in your lifestyle... Read More..

Why Basement Waterproofing is better than Tanking and Damp Proofing?

12th Jan 2017

Is your cellar a victim of rising damp issue? Damp proofing and basement tanking can be considered somewhat of a solution but not always. It is better to opt for waterproofing your basement if your cellar is facing damp issues. The best and the only way to permanently stop damp issues is by opting for waterproofing... Read More..

Top Re-modelling Ideas for the Basement of Your Home

2nd Jan 2017

'A man's home is his castle', as the common saying goes, it's quite evident that a person does his best to build his home with perfection. Now, suppose you have built your home ten years ago, but, now the fashion has changed and you're looking for ways to remodel your house. And this is quite common because the trend keeps changing with every passing day. What you like today, you may not like it tomorrow. After all, it's your place and you can change it according to your moods and likings... Read More..

Three Stages of a Basement Building Project

22nd Dec 2016

The Concept

Only you can decide what your vision of the finished project will be, however we can help you to put your thoughts down on paper and produce realistic plans based on your ideas. The concept stage of a basement renovation or build is crucial, because this is the point at which the owner and the construction company have to come to a complete understanding of each other's requirements. Close co-operation at this stage means that problems are less likely to arise and are more easily resolved at a later date if they do occur... Read More..

Top Mistakes to Be Avoided During Basement Conversion in London

15th Dec 2016

In the past the basement is a part of the house which is sometimes neglected and not considered seriously as a potentially useful space. Nowadays, basement conversion in London are in demand as more of the people are turning the basement of their homes into make-shift offices, playrooms, guest rooms and much more.

So, if you have an unconstructed basement or if you're looking to remodel it, then you should be very careful to avoid the following common mistakes: Read More..

Probable Situations that Lead to Waterproofing of Basements in London

1st Dec 2016

The basement forms the foundation of a home. So, it’s needless to say, that it’s the important part of a house that can’t be neglected at any point. And waterproofing of the basement is one of the most crucial tasks that should be considered by the residents as well as by the builders of a home. Now, it’s an additional part of a house that can be used for various purposes. So, why not utilize it in the most fruitful way? Some use a basement as a playroom, a guest room, a garage, a make-shift office, or as a store room. The choice of using the basement is completely on you. But, you should not forget about the waterproofing of this place as that’s the right way to keep this place in proper and useable condition... Read More..

Build on Your Basement to Give You Extra Space

23rd Nov 2016

Anyone who is anyone, it seems, is increasing the space in their crowded house by converting their existing basement into much-needed extra space. Whether it's an extra bedroom, an office for work, somewhere for the kids to play or even a luxury swimming pool, the growing trend for basement conversion in London is giving homeowners across the capital the opportunity to create bigger and better living spaces for their families... Read More..

Important Things about Basement Conversions that You Need to Know

15th Nov 2016

Converting your basement into an additional room is an effective way to add more space to your home and make use of the space that was lying idle for some time. The best part about converting your basement is the fact that it can add monetary value to your home which is a great thing if you plan to sell your home in the future. The basement area can be converted into a beautiful library, or an extended living room or even children's play area. Recent trends reveal that a home office is also extremely important and it requires space... Read More..

Tips to Finish the Basement’s Ceiling

4th Nov 2016

The moment the task of completing your basement ceiling is over, the basement area immediately becomes a beautiful extension of your home. But the common problem that most people face is to not finish off the basement ceiling perfectly and within time. In the normal scenario, the typical basement is a maze of plumbing pipes, wires, structural bracing and ductwork. These materials are important to give your basement the perfect look and structure. But it is necessary to give your basement the perfect look and for that you need to cover these ducts, pipes and wires with materials. These materials give your basement the perfect finished look that helps in making the basement an additional room in your house... Read More..

Types of Interior Waterproofing Solutions for Your Basement

28th Oct 2016

Wet basements with moisture or leakage issues are a common problem and it is important to come up with a solution that will solve this problem permanently. Many people who think of renovating or remodelling the basement need to first address the issue of water leakage. This is primarily because no construction work can take place if the water problem is not solved. So, make sure that the excess water that is leaked is dried off before you begin any construction work in your basement... Read More..

Benefits of High Quality Basement Conversions

20th Oct 2016

With residential space in London at a premium and house prices continuing to increase at a rapid pace, home owners are turning more and more to extending their current home, rather than opting to move. A basement conversion can be a great way to add space to a property and give it that real wow factor, and it can often be achieved more easily and cheaply than you might imagine... Read More..

Iceberg homes: the future of London?

14th Oct 2016

As Londoners seek a solution to the lack of space available for expanding their homes, iceberg homes are becoming increasingly popular. Like any building work, basement conversion involves noise. However, because these jobs are done by professional building firms, they do keep to normal hours. They won't keep you awake at night, unlike the amateur DIY enthusiast who decides to start putting up shelves at midnight... Read More..

Planning and Building a Basement Conversion in London

6th Oct 2016

Planning Is Key

Unless your basement is a separate unit, you are unlikely to require planning permission to convert into an extra living space. However, if you are going to be excavating to create extra room, then planning permission will be required. This would also apply if you live in a listed building... Read More..

To Only Way is Down: Adding a Basement to Your Property

29th Sep 2016

If you like the area you live in but you need more space, then the logical option is to extend. In London and other city locations, however, that can be a problem too. You may not want to sacrifice part of your precious green space to an extension and if you've already used the loft, where can you go? Read More..

Down is the only way to go for many London property owners

22nd Sep 2016

London is one of the greatest cities on Earth. A truly cosmopolitan capital, it attracts millions of people from all over the globe to visit, live and work. If you are lucky enough to live in London, there is one thing we can all agree on: space is most definitely at a premium... Read More..

The benefits of exploiting basements in London

15th Sep 2016

The authorities are reluctant to grant planning permission for visible upward extensions and the footprint of many properties means that there is significant potential for substantial basement extensions. Indeed, building extensions below the ground harks back to the Victorian era when many people had their wine or coal cellars constructed underground. If you own a house in London, you also own some of the ground below your premises, making this a logical option for an extension... Read More..

Deeper and down: why a basement could answer your space problems

8th Sep 2016

When seeking extra space in a property, most people think of adding an extension at ground level or converting the loft. If those things have already been done or there's no room to extend, where do you go? Read More..

Basement Conversion or Loft Conversion - What's the Best Choice for You

31st August 2016

Assess Your Needs – We'll all seen some of the luxury basement conversions that include gyms, pools and home cinemas. If money is no object, then there's no limit to how far you can dig down. But for the average family the choice is generally between the need for more living space or more bedroom space. Though a basement space can be multifunctional, traditionally loft conversions provide more sleeping space and basements more living space. Assess what it is you need before making your plans... Read More..

5 Tips for a Successful Basement Conversion

25th August 2016

First Things First: Planning Permission – If you're converting an existing cellar or basement in your own home to provide extra living accommodation, then planning permission is not necessary. However, if you plan to excavate out further or alter the exterior look of your home in any way, then planning permission will need to be obtained... Read More..

Basement Remodelling Mistakes to Avoid

11 July 2016

A basement can be fantastic communal area of the home where the entire family sits together for evening snacks and coffee. However we have also seen existing basements that are under-utilised.. It is during such instances that people should decide to make the most of the basement space available by remodelling or renovating that area... Read More..

Tips When Remodelling Your Basement

7 July 2016

Home is where the heart is and this is probably the best way to sum up an individual’s feeling when it comes to their homes. A house can be made of bricks and mortar but a home is always special and that is because there is a lot of emotion and attachment involved in designing your home... Read More..

Important Aspects Relating to Basement Construction

4 July 2016

The decision to construct a basement is a big one. However, deciding upon having a basement comes with its fair share of interelated factors and decisions that need to be taken.

Key issues and concerns

One of the biggest concerns for most people is getting the right funding because renovating your basement requires investment.Once the financial issues are taken care of, you need to check whether your existing basement (if you have one) is ready for any kind of construction work. For instance, checking the height of the ceiling and whether there is any water leakage etc... Read More..

Tips to Make Your Basement Ready for Remodelling

30 June 2016

If you are lucky enough to have an existing basement, remodelling it to free up space or put it to another use can be a useful exercise. This use could be as simple as making the basement area a library or a living area space or a play room for kids. Basement renovation requires the right team, along with the right funding and a renovation plan. In case of any repair work that the basement needs, make sure to do all that ahead of the renovation work. Repairs, cracks and leakages are issues that need to be addressed irrespective of whether you renovate the basement or not... Read More..

The Steps to Decorate the Basement

27 June 2016

Basement construction is one of the most tedious tasks in the construction business. It needs a lot of background work before you can make use of the basement as a new living space. However, once the construction is over it's time for the next step - decoration. Are you clear about the intended use of the basement? There are some people who use the basement as an extended storage place while others turn this place into their make-shift office, an extra bedroom or more...Read More..

What Should You Do to Expand Your Existing Basement Area?

24 June 2016

Basement conversion is becoming more common in certain parts of the UK as a way to add more space to your home. The basement is a good place to get creative when remodelling your home. Basement conversion can add a library to your home, an entertainment room, a newfamily space or lots of other uses. The list of things that you can do to the added area you get after converting your basement is huge. However, some homes already have a basement. And what if in order to accommodate your plans you need to add more space to your already existing basement area? Here are some tips: Read More..

Challenges to Overcome During Basement Conversion Process

12 May 2016

As house prices rise home owners are increasingly looking to further expand space at their home by converting the basement area. This additional space is always welcome for people who love to have big homes so that the entire family can stay under one roof. Basement conversion might greatly improve your home but there are several factors that need to be addressed and thought about before you hire professionals to do the work. It is crucial to understand the problem areas and come up with solutions so that the challenges can be easily overcome. Here are a few of the key issues: Read More..

Simple Guide to Basement Conversion

20 April 2016

When planning to renovate your home and add more space, an effective way to achieve this can be by extending and/or converting the basement. Basement conversion is an innovative way of adding more living space to your home. Especially in London, additional space is one of the main things that people strive for in their homes... Read More..

Tips to Choose the Best Basement Construction Company

20 April 2016

Home renovation usually takes place when people plan to improve the interiors of their homes to extend their living area. Whatever the reason, it is important to plan well and have an accurate design in place. When thinking of adding space to your home, an increasing number of people in London are considering building a basement... Read More..

Tips to Facilitate Basement Construction

20 April 2016

Basement construction might seem like a logical plan because it will add more space to your home. However there is a lot of thought and important processes involved that you need to undertake before investing time and money into renovating this area of your house. Most importantly, you need to check whether the space available is appropriate for any kind of renovation and will the result justify the cost... Read More..