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How to Make Use of Your Basement as an Entertainment Zone?

As basement extensions become more popular in the capital, London basement companies have developed a wide range of skills for turning unused space into a valuable addition to your home. By making the most of your basement, you can add space that can be used for hobbies, artistic pursuits or for entertaining.

If you plan on turning your basement into an entertainment zone, it might be worth contacting a few London basement companies to see what they can offer. You can incorporate ideas like sound system wiring and soundproofing into the initial design by planning your development from the start.

There are many ideas as to how you can make your basement an entertainment centre. First and foremost, you will most likely require a large screen for watching movies or playing games, so choose a suitable location for the screen. Another crucial aspect is sound, therefore consider speakers and where they should be placed while designing the screen layout. The acoustics of the space may be essential, especially if live music is planned.

Wired for sound

Consideration of your neighbours, the region, and even other inhabitants in your home may be of some concern, thus soundproofing may be worth looking into. Effective soundproofing is much easier to install during the building process than retrofitting it at a later point. If music is an important part of creating the entertainment zone—or you’re thinking of recording your music—then soundproofing and acoustics will be even more important.

A bar is another feature often found in an entertainment zone, so planning your basement development might entail including infrastructure for a well-equipped bar that has a sink, a fridge, and even a dishwasher for glasses. If you want the entertainment space to be a self-contained entity, planning bathroom facilities might be a good idea as well. Adding a bathroom will probably add value to the basement extension. However, this may require extra work in terms of planning drainage and water supplies, so it is worth mentioning this to any London basement companies you contact regarding your basement development.

Expertise from London basement companies

If you’re thinking about turning your basement into a gaming zone, you should consider having a large open area for playing games. A popular feature of many entertainment spaces is a billiard or pool table, so if this is your dream, it is worth planning the space to accommodate your table. Pool tables come in different sizes, and you need a certain amount of space around them so that players can use the cues. Most well-designed tables include specialized lighting above the table so that players can see exactly what they’re doing and installing this will be a lot easier if it’s planned from the start.

If people will be lounging and playing games on the floor, consider installing underfloor heating, a good underlay, and a high-quality carpet.