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Common challenges when renovating your basement and how to overcome them

When undertaking a basement project, careful and thorough planning is essential. Whether it is evaluating the site, making sure sources of moisture are dealt with properly, or ensuring the structural design is sound will largely come down to the basement builders you choose. Selecting competent, experienced basement builders is key to the success of every basement project.

A basement project that is not planned properly can mean work stopping, long delays and rising costs. For a quality outcome that is delivered on time and budget, you need a construction company that not only knows what they are doing but carries out a careful assessment of what is required before they start.

First, it’s important to be clear on what you want to use your basement for, as this can affect the construction. If you want to have a recording studio down there, for example, soundproofing will play an essential role, and it is best to factor this into construction before you start.

Make sure planning permission is not required, and if it is, then get the appropriate paperwork in order before you begin. Without permission, work may have to stop, or even be dismantled.

Waterproofing expertise

Make sure the site is assessed for moisture and any possible flooding issues. You may need to review data on flooding for the area and investigate groundwater levels to establish the best way of waterproofing the basement. It’s crucial to get this fixed before starting work, as a damp basement can be ineffective and even dangerous to your health. There are different ways of waterproofing a basement and make sure the basement construction team includes experts to recommend the most efficient method.

Some basements may require a combination of at least two different methods to ensure the basement stays dry. If the water pressure in the surrounding earth is high and not resolved properly, the entire basement can lift, which may mean the structure has to be replaced.

External and internal tanking systems are frequently used to keep basements dry, possibly in conjunction with damp proof courses or a damp proof membrane.

There is a range of construction methods for building basements, so make sure your basement team is aware of the different options and can recommend the one most suitable for your site. A qualified team of experts should look at your building and that of the neighbours to make sure no existing structures will be negatively affected in any way by the basement project.

Choose basement builders committed to quality

The first and most important step in a successful basement project is to hire builders that have dealt with a variety of basement types. Conscientious builders will take the time to assess your site, the waterproofing challenges and the best way to tackle structural design. In coming up with a comprehensive plan before work begins, you should be able to relax knowing the foundational elements of the project have been considered.

Good planning will eliminate many of the challenges inherent in embarking on a basement project. Partner with a company that has proven basement expertise and your project should proceed smoothly.